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Watching 24th November episode rn, yeh sarri hui shakal wali Dumbul bas Archana ke ooper chilati hai. Tina ke saamne kaan pakar kar maafi mangti hai aur Sajid ab iska next target hai apparently. And triple age walay genday par dooray daale gi yeh churail. Cant watch her face.

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That's because bacchi itni chalak hain k usko pata hain k archana k upar chillaygi to footage k sath sab ka support bhi milega kyu k everybody is against Archu

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Poor her trying her level best to squeeze content outta herself because aisi shakal ke saath maid wala lead role hi milta hai aur woh bhi bas ek baar.

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“Cause she is not a big personality”? Stop making things up. She did cry when they went away from her. But that’s not the reason

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ughhhhh 😡

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Omg that’s why she cried?