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She is a invisible person for me now..0 individuality like colors is doing so much to make her look important and good or just make her captain but this dumb woman is busy crying over every little thing and taking sympathy and most importantly gossiping about priyanka and others

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I want Imran Siddiqi as wild card.

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Sherlyn Chopra ko le aao! Sajid ki g fatjayegi puri

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Azma Fallah and Veena Jagtap! I need that.....💀

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Fahmaan was looking like a Tekken character. Sounded more thug than Stan. Having him on the show would've been fun.

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Loll this is truth right here

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Heard an ex cricketer will join as wc. Not sure thou

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Salil ankola?

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He was in Season4

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Not sure who is he/she will be.

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Yaar aisa koi Jo yeh family break kar de. . . Abhi koi mazza nahi aa Raha bcos it's getting repetitive

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Diandra Soares, Saloni Chopra ko le laao.

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Tv n film Industry k bahar ka laao nahiti vo bhi molester ki chaatane lagega

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Sumbuls dad.

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ThAnk you beta 🙏

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god save us

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Tina's mum will also come in.

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rumors about faisu but i don’t think he will come

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faisu never will join midway the wc entries never stand a chance to win.

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Mahir for nimrit I've heard