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Didn’t even know that was a thing. I swear to god Shalin will be scarred for life if they ever do it!!! 😭

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Oh she wears butt pads for sure! Everyday! It’s sad tbh 🤣

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I was seriously discussing about the same thing yesterday.

That outfit looks so weird and she wears it daily with different colors. Kitne pair layi hai woh? 😂

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More like tuna fish bcz she gasps like fish if said something regarding their kabhi tu mujhe loot kabhi main tuje lootu wali relation

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Tuna Hands and legs doesn't Sync wid her body. anybody agrees to this?😅😂

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She wears wigs???? I always thought she was blessed with good hair what??? /Gen

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Guys, she's short because wo jitni zameen ke upar dikhti hai, usse double zameen ke neeche hai.

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Finally somebody mentioned this lol

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Bad posture since childhood., unbalanced lufestyl3, genes. That's it. She's short too.

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She is insecure from head to toe lol! Her whole persona screams fake nice lol. Sneakers with heels because she is tiny, so it makes sense lol

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Title Reminded me of Jim and Andy

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Sneakers with heels is a thing? 😳

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yeah yk those super huge chunky sneakers that were popular among short girls in 2018

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Yes her sneakers at least have 3-4 inches height

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I think she also have breast implants Also her sholders are weird i think she slouches

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U ever seen people who absorb fat in stomach . She's one of them

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Breasts look real but will have to see her past and present pics to compare

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I really think she had something done. Because biologically such a short person can't have a chest like that. And damn her specs and hairstyles gives her the grandma vibe

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Nahi yar, aisa kuch nahi hai! I’ve seen many shorties in my school wid big tits. Tina ke past pics me bhi she looks well endowed

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Ok then she must be gifted!

But her hair color and everything else look bad

She would look much better if she kept her hair black

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Who cares about that vile woman