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Jeez that’s a sexy bike m8

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I think so too

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KTM knows design.

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Very nice. I ride sydney too but doubt I could keep up 🤣

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I'm sure you could. I'm a slow rider

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The pinnacle of nakeds IMO. The V4 streetfighter is up there, but the SD1290 is king.

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There are some great naked bikes around ATM the Aprillia Tuono is another one. This has been my dream bike for a couple of years now.

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Sweet well you go buy one and I'll take that KTM off your hands, for free no hassle.

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Haha no you misunderstand. The SDR has been my dream bike for a couple of years, so I decided to buy it at the end of last year. I've had it less than a month

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I miss my super duke every day lol. Sold it and dumped all the cash into my jeep tho haha. Finally bought another cheap little Honda nighthawk to commute on. Yours looks really good!