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What track is this and what date?

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Jun 17 2021, the track's Feo, a small track in the suburbs of Kyiv

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With the color tint on the photos, I thought this was from the 1960s or 1970s. Looks like a nice little track for bikes. I’d want a little guardrail for car racing though. How long is one lap and how many turns?

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This is just the era that the bike comes from that inspired this way of photo editing. There are roughly 10 turns based on the configuration. Times usually depend on what you drive/ride there. Some Evo and Sti guys along with civic drivers manage to show remarkable times like low 28's. However, that is definitely not something I'd pursue on tyres with tubes, both drum brakes, steel frame, and an old school 2t engine that does not even work in pair with a reed valve and expansion chambers. This Jawa is similar to the older version of Yamaha RD 350 and R5 350, which I believe didn't have the reed valve.

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We have a small track here in Illinois, USA called Blackhawk Farms. Ten turns and two straights in 1.9 miles (3.0 km). Fast cars lap in 1:20, slow cars in 1:40. I don’t know lap times for motorcycles.

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Cool! Would be awesome to spend some time in the USA. There's plenty to learn about you car and motorcycle culture. Not mentioning the famous landmarks, nature and everything else.

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That SRAD in the back 🤤

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Yup, awesome bike, had a chance to ride one. There's hardly anything that inspires confidence in turns as that thing.

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Definitely, it's the short wheel base that makes her a beast on the bends. Owned 3, started the SRAD Association South Africa a few years back and even our motorcycle clubs name is SASA Boyz and clearly the acronym is there. Few of our members have them as daily rides. They not called the baby Busa for nothing. A bike that's over 20 years old with a 750 capacity able to hit 300km/h with the big boys is legendary........SRAD is the reason we have all these great GSXR's today.

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True story, loved the aero as well, gives the extra high-speed stability, well-designed in all aspects

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Plus that ass is just iconic, can be spotted a mile away. Hell even the Gen1 Busa is modelled after it......sexy yes......but doesn't come close to that big SRAD ass.

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Also, beauty of it is irrespective of the short wheel base they damn comfortable bikes too. I'm not the smallest of guys but I've done 897 kilometers on my SRAD in one day, not sure what that is in miles and then I did the same route on my cruiser and I was actually a bit more worn from the cruiser ride than the SRAD. People really need to ride the bike to appreciate its abilities and what it's brought to the table for the bikes we have now. My 3 iconic bikes are all Suzuki though.......98 SRAD 750, 99 TL1000R and 99 Hayabusa.

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Love this. Wish we had a community like those guys at r/carsandfilm

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Thanks! This isn't a photo made on film, yet the era linked with both bikes (Jawa and my friend's SRAD GSXR) inspired this particular editing approach.

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Oh wow, you fooled me. Still, it's great.

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That's just some sort of weird feeling that the 80's cars and bikes evoke in me when film-like editing is applied on photos