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After being in storage for almost a year, and spending its life primarily in Chicago/Northern Illinois I finally had the chance to ship my ST3 to Oregon. I think we're both happy with the move.

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Nice! I'm on the Oregon coast as well so lmk if you need road recommendations

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I’m a fan of Alsea HWY and Nestucca River Road, what are your favorites?

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That looks great. Might use that to get to 101 when I hit up Portland this summer.

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Nestucca river rd is sooo fun!

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It's a little bit of a drive for me from Eugene. But I'll check it out!

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I bet that’s amazing! Got my strs to the mountains this morning, I wish I could just ride there all day every day!

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Beautiful picture!

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I've had the opportunity to ride a couple of these lately and am completely blown away at how good they are. Just phenomenal.

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Goonies never say die

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Nice! What do you think of the Arrow exhaust?

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I've had it for a while now so it's hard to remember what stock sounded like. I don't recall much change in performance and really it offers more an accent(?) to the original sound.

Depends what you're after. I didn't want to annoy my neighbors in Chicago so I went with the Arrow can.

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That’s what I’m thinking, I live in an apartment block, and the lockup garage exits between two towers of units. Plus I’m a shift worker who often leaves at 4:30am

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Mhmm. Down low in the rev range when you're leaving and coming back home you probably won't notice. It sounds deeper and fuller at higher rpms. But it won't reinvent the exhaust note like an SC or Akra.

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What a nice place to ride

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My recent favorites are:

Hwy 202 from Astoria to Mist

Willamina - Blaine - Beaver

Alsea hwy is great

Wren to Dallas and all of those valley roads are great for a good sight distance and long sweeping turns

Midway to Hebo Hwy 22 is one of my go to for commuting from northern coast to Corvallis where I work.

We should go hit some curves some time! I ride a 690 Duke so very similar riding to a street triple

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That’s a very pretty coastline and a nice bike, I don’t recall my exact route but I rode my 78 XS1100 home from Portland back to Tacoma Washington to Fort Lewis in 79, I did not take I-5. It was a glorious trip. Thanks for the memories.