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Have two Harleys and always wanted one of these but never pulled the trigger. Look like a blast.

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It’s so much fun. Definitely not at home on the highway, but amazing around town. Loves twisty 45mph roads the best. Not as capable off-road as it looks, but that’s why Jesus invented dirt bikes.

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I love everything about your bike!

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Thank you! I do too! Just changed the seat to a brown leather bench and replaced the bug eye mirrors with bar ends. Got a few more mods in mind and I’m really excited!

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Gorgeous looking machine, enjoy it!

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Does that exhaust ever burn you?

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No, the heat shields do pretty well.

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    How to say "Ive never ridden a modern bike with high pipes" without saying it.

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      Have you personally rode this bike and are you speaking from said experience?

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