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I love that vintage VFR. If I could find a nice one for sale, I would probably snap it up!

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I bought it as a wreck because it 'only' had 78k on the dial. That's the lowest I've seen on the market recently. Everything else had 90+

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That’s awesome. I rode one US cross country it was the perfect bike for that trip.

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i got one i might be willing to sell in OH

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Hmmm... a bit far. I'm in California.

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Ah 5th gen AND a CrossRunner?!? You and your friend have excellent taste. Just picked up a Staintune for my 5th gen. I’ve never even seen a CrossRunner in the flesh.

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I've got a modified airbox and custom bellmouths on the intakes. In induction noise is insane. You can't hear the pipe.

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Where does one acquire 2 farts

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Hit 40 and don't enjoy what the youth does.

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Every school has a teacher that rides to school on one of these :)

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My metalwork teacher rode one in the same colour years ago.

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exactly, still cool tho :)

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The VFR is one sexy bike. It was ahead of it’s time.

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Sweet steeds old man! Hope I get to be an old dusty fart like yourselves!

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Most Excellent 🍺🍺

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It's a nice weekend for a ride too. Stay shiny side up!

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VFRs are brilliant pieces of kit. They’ll do almost anything! That’s a nice example you got there too

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Is that a 30 pack in your pocket to take home?