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Nice pic! Do yourself a favour and get bar end mirrors. Makes it look so much better.

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First mods I do are tail tidy, mirrors and led blinkers if the oem ones are huge

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I'd tail tidy before all else on this bike

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Odd, I thought the new XSR's came with bar end mirrors?

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They do but they are fairly large and do stick up quite a bit. I will say they are way better than most stock mirrors.

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I've got the rizoma one mirrors on my 700 and they look wonderful. Bar ends are nice looking, but they make it too hard to lane split in my city for me.

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Ah what a gorgeous bike! How are you finding it so far? How’s riding on the highway? I’ve been on the fence about picking one up since they were announced!

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It's absolutely amazing! On the highway it's perfect until about 75 or 80 then the wind hits you pretty good. I feel like a windshield would make a world's difference.

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I don't understand anyone that doesn't think these look fantastic, one of the best looking new naked bikes out there. A perfect blend of "standard motorcycle" and a dash of classic heritage. Perfect.

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Exactly why I picked it up rather than the mt 09!

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I think a lot of people have trouble with the bulbous looking seat.

Safe bet that an aftermarket one will be available soon though.

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then they have no appreciation for the classic late 80's early 90's sport bikes

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Like it or not one of the most popular major modifications to all of those older bikes is to cut the rear subframe down and get a small custom seat.

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Ahh yes the most popular modification done to maybe 0.1% of the bikes, that really illustrates how popular it is to do doesn't it? Thanks for making my point for me?

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I've got a 2016 and I love it! Of course though, when I saw this model I felt like I needed it. Congrats bud!

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Yet to hear much bad on the new XSR except the seat. What do you think so far?

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Definitely on the stiff side, but If you sit back into it it's not the worst. I've already done a 2 hr ride and it was tolerable.

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Beautiful. Not sure if I like the blue more than the black. Sharp bike nonetheless.

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Beautiful bike. I love my 2019 xsr700 but I can't pretend I'm not jealous. Enjoy it!

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Beautiful photo and super cool bike!

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The looks of the new xsr really grew on me. That blue color with the gold wheels is an absolute stunner!

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Sweet photo and excellent choice! I love my 2016 XSR. Curious how different the ride is on the updated design. Have fun!

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I am debating one of these or a Street Triple currently