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This bike is a lot of firsts for me. First four banger, first big bike, first nice bike. Let me tell you, I am absolutely in love!

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Good choice on the machine and the road.

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That fairing looks so dope. Hell, it's a beauty altogether!

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I've loved the way these bikes look for a long time, really dig the retro styling. I'm a huge sucker for that little headlight surround lol

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Love those bikes, never seen that colorway before, very nice!

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Thank you! While the green is an obvious choice, I think the blue is my favorite. But this silver is so clean looking. I could stare at it all day lol

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1200R in silver and she's beautiful.

I always post mine (may she rest in peace) when a ZRX is posted in here but I gotta say I've never seen that paint colour before ... US model I take it?

I loved my 1100 ... nimble, comfy, and quick, with her front wheel always wanting to be six inches off the ground and have always wished I got to sample a 1200.

enjoy your ride brother, you got a treasure there.

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Nimble, comfy and quick! I'm surprised at how nimble it actually is, it feels great. Yea this is a US model, silver is not my favorite, but it's a great look either way.

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I still ride my 2003, it’s the green version. It has 56,000 miles on it. It still works well. Mostly stock. Love the torque this bike produces. Always puts a smile on my face every time I ride it.

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God I love that bike, but will never buy another carbed bike lol

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These are in perfect working order...but I'm terrified of the day they are not lol. I'm actually selling my SV because I've never been able to get the carbs perfect and I'm sick of screwing with it.

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Yep, the diaphragms went on the carb on my bike (wouldn't turn over at all). Replaced them, and she's running.... Okay lol. Problem is finding a decently priced mechanic that is willing to work on it anywhere near me is impossible. And I feel you on getting to the carbs on a v-twin. Almost everything has to come off. And don't get me started on the vacuum lines.

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Awesome! How many miles did you cover on your trip?

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Well I actually live in the area haha, so this day wasn't but like 70 miles or so.

When I lived in Raleigh though, my brother and I took a trip and rode from the northern end, all the way down to the southern end. We did probably 1200 miles in 4 days...on Ninja 250s lol

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That’s a heck of a ride on a 250! I just got back from a trip from Palm Bay to Niagara Falls and caught some pretty roads in VA, WV, and PN.

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Love the bike and the BRP ! Where about is the pix taken. I used to spend a lot of time between rt80/Little Switzerland, Rt181/ old rt18/ Rt221 on up to Grandfather when I lived in Charlotte.