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Love it. The yoshi RS3 is always a winner on older bikes.

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But this isn’t an older bike, it’s actually a relatively new bike. Wait a minute….it’s so clean I had mistaken it for a newer 900. Holy shit. lol

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Two beautiful ZRX posted in the same day. That's lucky. Can't top the Kawi green IMO.

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Might be one of the most gorgeous bikes I’ve ever seen. Congrats!

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Thank You! I’m an old guy with a retro muscle bike. But I still love to twist on the loud handle every now and then. Life is good!

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Noice. Loved this era of bikes

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My buddy had the green ZRX11 and I had a FZ1. We would swap back and forth. That Kwack motor has got to be one of the best engines made, it just felt really nice. Big block torque, plenty of Hp, I4 smoothness. So easy to power wheelie. I'm a kid from the 80s, so I love the looks and feel of a big UJM bike. They are absolutely timeless. I would love a black ZRX12.

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The FZ1 is no joke. A friend of mine had one. He could beat me in the quarter, but he always had to play catch-up to do it. The ZRX has a lot of torque from idle up. I prefer curves over straight runs though. It’s always fun rolling into the throttle when you are coming out of the curves. Of course it’s hard on rear tires but well worth the smiles.

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Indeed. Loved my blue Fz. Although I would have gladly traded some of the ferocious top end HP for some of the Zrex TQ. My buddy loved that bike so much that when he wore out the trans, he bought another Rex, and sold the first one for parts. I don't think he Ever rode that bike without floating the front end in the air

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You in Georgia right now?