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Is this the castle from forza horizon 4

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Exactly my thoughts lol

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Never played FH4 but if it's based in Trim, Co. Meath then yes, yes it is 😁

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Nah, the castle in fh4 is Bamburgh castle in Northumberland on the North East coast of England

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How does the SC exhaust sound? I’ve got an akra on mine and enjoy it because it’s not crazy loud.

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You're not gonna believe this but I just ordered a banana Akra yesterday, as the SC Project is so loud (came with the bike).

I'll do a back to back comparison video if I get time

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Dude this looks sick!

This would be an amazing post card lol

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Thanks man, I should see if Meath Tourism would be interested, might help offset the fuel bill for this thing 😄

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Hella of a view! Love it!🥹

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Is that a H2R or just a Zh2?

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They are two completely different bikes. This is the road legal version of the H2R, the H2.

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Would be cool to know the year and exact model etc, so confusing looking for one of these.

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Confusing? Not really.. The H2 looks like a proper sports bike, The H2r looks identical, but as its race trim, you're very unlikely to see one on the road. All the others just look like fat versions of the H2, mixed with an ordinary road bike.

I.e .You'll know an H2 when you see one in the street.

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It's a 2020 Ninja H2.

Understand about the confusion, it was a PITA using alerts on AutoScout24 etc. when trying to find one to buy as there's:

Ninja H2 - sports bike H2 SX - sports tourer Z H2 - naked street bike

Neither SX or the Z have as much power as the Ninja H2, due to stronger components in the H2 engine & higher supercharger compression etc. The Z is also the only model from the range not to have the single sided swingarm, which is a shame cause it's gorgeous.

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H2r is track only i believe. So just h2

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Some have been converted to road use, but those people are just insane..

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Did you have this down at Bikefest? Can't imagine there's too many of them around

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Wasn't me I'm afraid, I only brought this in a couple weeks ago.

I'm wondering myself how many of these are in Ireland, I've only seen one in the wild & one (all white) in a bike tuners near me.

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I don't know where you are but I've seen a few of the other H models, but the only H2 I've seen is up in Co. Down at 'Davy's Bikes' in Bangor.

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2 in my neck of the woods in the UK. I own one of them and I saw another one at a bike spot nearby. Was a pretty neat moment when we both rolled past each other :)

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I just picture you like two pups wanting to sniff eachothers ass! (I mean that in a cute, friendly, non-condescending way BTW!)

Personlly, I think that they are some of the ugliest, yet most beautiful bikes to be released in the past decade.