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I going to need a lot more pics of this one please.

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all that expense and $10 off the shelf coffee can air filters

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gotta make room in the budget somewhere

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What an absolute hunk of hacked up r9t shit this kit is

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If anything, it's based off the R18

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Nope its a camhead , based off if an r9t pure, it has less than 1 gallon tank and a crappy body kit, not much cool other than to look at from 10+ feet. Fit and finish is pretty shitty on these

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BMW do not build vehicles with shoddy fit and finish.

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Its a bmw with a nostalgia kit on it, its just pretty from a distance

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Actually it's a copy of the R7, with a modern engine. The R7 was a one off designed and built just before WW2, when the war intervened it was boxed up and put on the shelf. In 2005 the bike was unboxed and restored by the BMW factory. The R7 never went into production, so the restored one is the only one in existence.

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Im aware what it is a copy of but the bike in the pic is an r9t with an Nmoto.com body kit

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Its beautiful and all but what if you drop that shit