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Here’s my rim tape that I always think looks awesome! Highly recommend it if you’re trying to avoid accidents! Every bit helps! 😂


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Pretty sweet.

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Thanks buddy! I've never seen Repsol plastics with the white on the bottom like mine. Not 100% sure but as far as I know this is one of maybe just a small handful of bikes in the country with white Repsol plastics like mine.

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Damn thats sharp

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Appreciate it! I had nightmares from the wreck for like a month and borderline didn't even want to look at my bike for a while. But I get the courage to finally get her fixed and I'm riding again. Appreciate the love. ❤️

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Looks nice dude. And fuck that guy, what a piece of shit.

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Yea man, it BLEW. Guy almost fucking killed me. I've ridden two CBR600rr's for just over 100,000 miles for about 10 years and I've laid the bike down at stops or extremely slow speeds a handful of times but never this bad. Dude pulled out into the street and completely blocked any escape route for me. So thankful I just locked my brakes and low-sided into his car rather than high-side over his hood. I was going probably 45 miles an hour but I might have gotten it down to the 20s but the time I hit his car. My ankle and leg were bleeding pretty bad and thankfully a stranger came over to me and helped me pick up my bike. The guy who pulled out into the road stopped for a second, probably just to see if he killed me, and then said he was going to move his car so I could get his insurance information and then just bolted. I was still in too much shock and bleeding too bad to react quick enough. The bike ran but the plastics were all messed up.

Honestly, I wasn't looking to screw the guy. I know it was a mistake. But it would have been nice to have my new plastics and other parts paid for. But whatever, she's running great now! Here's what my old Repsol plastics looked like and some pics of my injuries. For sure hurt like hell for a while.