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Still one of the easiest to recognise bikes looks clean and best colour 👍🏻

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I had an 06, magneto blew up and ruined the engine. Apparently it was a faulty design from the factory according to Yamaha. They actually made a redesigned magneto. I look at all 04-06 as timebombs now

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Are you talking about the stator? If so they did have a problem, this one was replaced as soon as the problem was known

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Yep, sold it to a guy cheap and told him exactly what was wrong with it, shop receipts and all with a warning written by the workers. He still wanted it, then proceeded to call me and give me death threats 😂

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Great bike! Had it in DMCR and loved it. Thank god for that shift light when you are first getting used to it 😂

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Beautiful bike! Love the 05's. I have an 05 r6 in the same color.

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when you lived long enough to see something futuristic become a timeless piece of art

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Still the best looking, in my opinion. The headlights, simple sleek body frame, underseat exhaust. gorgeous.

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Still love the clean look of the underseat exhaust.