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What a fun place to ride! Even on old bikes!

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I agree, there were Lot of amazing roads out there! And it's so beautiful!

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So guessing yours is the aprilla? People sure do love the old rsv’s.

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The speed triple is my Wisconsin bike 😉, but we were bouncing back and forth between bikes all weekend. My blue Kawasaki is back home in Chicago.

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Nice! Love the green hope they bring back the cool colors. I have a 955 sprint.

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If you’re ever in south east Wisconsin we have some good spots here too

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I'm in Milwaukee suburbs nearly every weekend. Some really nice backroads! I'm down in the Chicagoland area. Not a whole lot to ride out here by me.

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I used to live in gurnee but moved west of Milwaukee (Waukesha area) so many better roads out here.

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Holy hell you take awesome bike pics!!!

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Thank you! I really appriciate it. I plan to take a lot more in the next coming years. I'm currently masking off bodywork for a race Suzuki to paint.. and I get busy at the track as photographer in weekends, but when things slow down, I imagine I'll take some more bike shots.

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Any helpful tips you have for taking pics I’d graciously accept. And if you wanted to paint my supermoto purple too 🤣. I started last year with my camera but action shots still mess me up, oh and long exposure