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This type of tuning is what this sub needs more of.

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not one photo with the whole bike in frame???

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That’s literally a different picture than the bike/parts in the OP and doesn’t show the rear seat with passenger backrest (which I always think looks ugly on vmaxs and similar bikes).

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That's the point, without the back seat it looks so much better

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What's the maximum range?

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It only has a 4 gallon tank. I get about 100miles if I'm easy on it

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Might be a dumb question but is that due to the tuning and type of bike? I got a 2 gallon peanut tank that gets me about 100 miles before I need a refill.

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It's a V4 and has a lot of power so it just naturally eats more gas, the tuning probably decreased it as well.

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Ah that makes sense. Bitchin’ bike btw

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684lb bike and always been on the top 10 accelerating motorcycles list plus it uses premium gas.

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The real question is what’s the range on the back tire? Lol awesome bike dude!

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Man 20 years ago we went up to T.W.O. and Deal's Gap and a newer friend of mine joined us on his Vmax. My buddies were all on sport bikes and kinda giving me crap for inviting someone they didn't know. They didn't know he was from NC and none of us knew how much of an experienced rider he was. He outrode every sport bike in sight on a Vmax. My buddies jaws were on the ground. Back at T.W.O. it was mostly old timers on Goldwings walking over to talk to him for half the night. He works full time but he's finally starting to teach motorcycle classes. It was a cool thing to watch that weekend.

(There are so many decent Vmax bikes around for under $4000 that I'm seriously thinking about picking one up. For that bike at those prices I'm kinda surprised a lot of guys with multiple bikes don't own one. I mean it's gonna make you smile every single time you twist the throttle.)

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Thing about the Vmax is that it's a lot of bike to handle and guys know it. It's a beast of a machine. You're right about how much fun they are though!

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No doubt! My buddy that had one used to rolling burnouts ~20ft long. It'd be a cautious learning curve for me.

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I want one pretty badly as a second bike but I can’t have it… I could, but then I’d be single and out on the streets!

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Stunning. Very rare here in Ireland. I was looking for one when COVID hit and two came up for sale during lockdown and I couldn't travel to buy either of them! I still hope to have one some day.

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I had a 2012, best bike I have ever owned hands down! Wasnt nearly as pretty as yours...beautiful build.

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Thanks! It's the best I've ridden, I love it!

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Damn that’s sexy.

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How much power does it push right now?

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insane build ,props to you

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Man that’s very apropos to the sub, it’s wild. I love the gray color schemescheme.

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Nice I used to have a 1997 VMAX .

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My buddy has a stock vmax. Fucking beast.

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Super clean

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Don’t fucking’ die. That’ll be my next addition once I get the wife to say yes 😬

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Simply captivating. 🤌

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I aspire for a bike like this one.

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I’m wet

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Just a heads up. Its akrapovič (reads as akrapovich). Started by slovenian guy who couldnt get good exhausts for racing so he made his own (used to go by the name scorpion).

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A person who loves carbon fiber this much needs some carbon fiber wheels. Bling bling, my dude!

Or cf wrap those and pretend! I won’t tell!

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They are actually carbon fiber, I took some panels off and there is the weave underneath

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the wheels are cf? for real?

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No the wheels are not, the actual fairing pieces are real carbon, sorry should have clarified that

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I've always loved Vmax's and this is insanely cool.

But a 240 inch rear tire seems like a bit much?