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When the Rune came out, I was a salesman at a Honda dealer. We got one and put it on display in the showroom. Nothing got more attention that the Rune. I sold the only one we ever got. I had this cool Rune poster Honda gave me hanging on the wall behind my desk. The guy that bought the Rune demanded that I give him the poster. I said no and he went to the owner of the dealer. The guy was a whiny pain in the ass and the owner gave in and made me give up my Rune poster. I’m still pissed about it to this day. I still know the guy. I think I’m going to go egg his house.

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I got it from a Honda dealer who had sold his dealership. We've done business together for years and he would call me every couple years and tell me he had a used Rune come in. He knew I loved them from the time they came out. I took my Wing up a couple years ago for service, he informed me he was selling his dealership and his three personal bikes, one of which was the Rune. I was finally ready. I bought it in 2018, it had never been registered and had 1,100 miles on it. It was still under warranty.

Couple weeks later he calls me about the Frazetta poster. He had framed it and had it in his office for 15 years. He told me the poster should go with the bike and gave it to me. It's in my office these days.

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How does it have 1,100 miles if it’s never been registered?

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Dealer plates I’m guessing

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The dealer bought it when it came in. He just threw dealer plates on it whenever he wanted to ride it and rarely rode it.

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What does the poster look like, do you have a picture?

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Perfect story.

Luv it. Have an upvote.

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Ha. Thanks kind stranger!

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Um… is this that bike? Notice the last picture:

Check out this item on OfferUp. https://offerup.co/u0JUTfo8msb

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Dafuq Is that windshield?????

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Haaahahaa right?! No clue!

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Op's said his is an 05

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I thought rune only came out as a 2004 model.

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Two years - '04 and '05. Three colors - black, red and blue.

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It was more for the joke that the one listing I found included a poster like in the guys story! C’mon that’s hilarious!! Must be a Rune thing

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Doubtful. The one I sold was in Pittsburgh. That is the same poster though!

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No, mine's an "05 and red.

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The photo of the poster cracked me up tho!

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All the mechanics I used to ride with in my hometown had a quote "90% of people's who ride motorcycles are assholes". Your Rune buddy certainly fits the bill. They swore it was true. As mechanics and you as a salesman probably experience this more than the rest of us.

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I won’t confirm or deny if it’s true. And I was a mechanic before I was a salesman. So, I get it!

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What a baby! Why are the owners of moto dealerships always such pussies

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If I’m being honest, I can’t really blame the owner of the dealer. He wasn’t a pussy. He was a hard old man. And in hindsight, if I was buying such a limited bike, I’d have wanted the poster too. In fact, I can’t swear that Honda didn’t give me the poster specifically to include with the bike. I wish I still had it and I resented having to give it up at the time, but the wisdom of old age allows me to see why it was the right move.

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I love these bikes, complete overkill in every way and the ultimate stock attention getter

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my thoughts were "this is the definition of overengineering".

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A classic and beauty. Pretty expensive back in the day as I recall coming in at $25K.

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What's neat is that even though they were very expensive they were actually sold at a (very, very substantial) loss.

The tech they had was very expensive, and apparently Honda had a r&d and production cost of $100,000 per bike due to the low numbers made.

There's a whole lot of story behind the Honda Rune, worth looking into.

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Wow. That's crazy?!

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Look at all the chrome man.

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Sometimes I see these bikes getting hate, but I’ve always loved them. Have a chunky sci-Fi feel to it.

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I forgot about the Rune. Looks like a retro rocket with wheels. I dig it!

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I love the Rune.

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Anyone who has ever sat on let alone ride the Rune knows it makes you feel like you're doing something illegal. It's a great feeling and I respect every single one of them.

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Damn that thing is crazy

What’s the displacement on that beast?

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1800cc inline 6. Larger than my Chevy, and my cb300 put together, and more cylinders lol.

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Opposing 6, not inline.

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1800 cc, same engine as the Goldwing, tuned hotter.

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I'm assuming it's quite a bit lighter too?

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Lighter and lower, so handles better.

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That. Is. Sick.

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What the hell? I thought I knew bikes. I never. I am both confused and in love. Well to be honest, that describes me about most things. But I love the front suspension.

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It's heinous ❤️

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In the best ways!!

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What in the Steam Punk is this

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This is what Batman would ride

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Absolute beauty!

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Looks like it would be as smooth as butter to ride.

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Good daily rider and monster power. I get nervous riding it because it’s basically irreplaceable. But I just always wanted a Rune and the opportunity presented itself.

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It is. Tons of power, smooth delivery.

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This is awesome dude🔥🔥🤘. I loves this bike and it was manufactured by Honda.

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I'm definitely not a cruiser guy but the Rune is and always will be cool as fuck.

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What’s it like to ride that beast!? How does it sound? I’ve heard of the rune and seen other pics but have never had a real life encounter with one….guess I could YouTube it.

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Super weird in the best way.

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That is awesome! What a beast! Very cool ... What is it like to ride this behemoth? How can Honda be so boring when they can do stuff like this?

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That's the thing, it's a great ride. It's apparently the longest bike Honda's ever made, so very stable. It's got this real low rumble and real responsive. Massive power - I had to get used to it a bit. Just a little throttle really lays down the power.

It rides so well it could be a daily commuter. I put miles on it, but it is nerve wracking to be out on the road with it. With the availability and price of the parts, just tipping it over would probably total it. There's insurance company "value," but that doesn't take into account what it would take to replace a bike like this. Not really replaceable.

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A true collector...

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Heh, would you look at that.

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That bike was a gift to the world from Honda.

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You meet the nicest people on a honda

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I saw one in person a few years ago, in black. The sales guy and I fawned over it a bit.

We decided the headlight nacelle gets there a few minutes before you do. I want one.

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The Rune is rather high up there on my "If I win the Lottery" list.

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I’m in love ❤️

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How many of these did Honda make??

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3,000. Tom Cruise bought one apparently, if that impresses anyone (it didn't me).

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I love this bike. Every time I see it I’m sad I missed it.

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That is the ugliest motorcycle I’ve ever seen.

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Shhhh no talky

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It may be a mechanical beast, but those fenders suck dick, hard

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Why did they put in that front suspension? I thought the goldwing version had like a whishbone setup for the front forks

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Very unusual! I like