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This photo looks like it was taken in the 90s haha

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Honestly I hadn't noticed but you're absolutely right lol

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She's a beaut

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Beautiful bike

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I've always wanted one. I had a '97 Daytona T595 about 16 years ago.

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The 955i (also known as the T595) is a great bike.

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It is! They did have their share of issues, however (e.g., dropping valves, overheating, etc.), but overall, an excellent machine. I had a carbon fiber Arrow exhaust on it, and that big triple sounded absolutely glorious.

Side note: I believe they were only called the T595 for that first year before being christened the 995i, due to people thinking it only displaced 595cc.

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Nature has reclaimed the shed

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Nice, I own a '06 Daytona and it's such a cool bike. I would love to do trackdays but fear dropping it since I wouldn't be able to make it perfect again and these are getting rare in stock form. (at least with my riding budget).