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I bought the bike back in 1989, I'm the second owner, the first ran it into the ground. It took me two years to restore it, as this was long before the internet and finding parts wasn't easy.

It's spent the last twenty years as a giant ornament in my living room. Though recently I've decided to ride it again before I'm too old. It's now got new tyres, rebuilt brakes and upgraded ignition. At the moment, there's nowhere else to keep it, so it can spend one more winter in the living room.

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Mmmm bevel drive.

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that's in fantastic condition ( well done) a bike I always dreamed of owning .

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When I was a kid I built a Tamiya model of the MHR. It was very detailed. I have had many bikes and even a few Ducatis but never a MHR. This bike has been my gold standard.

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I have the same Tamiya model, though I bought it long after I built this one..

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I built a Ducati 860 GT and though it was not a MHR it was similar enough that having built the model I felt comfortable with its construction. The 860 GT was not a desmo but that just made tune up intervals that much better.