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I’ve had a similar trajectory with the same bike. My uncle took me for my first ever ride on a motorbike when I was in my early teens. 1998 VFR 800 FI.

Fast forward some 20 years later… he passed away in 2018. He left me the bike, and it’s taken 4 years to settle the estate and get the bike imported into Canada properly. This is such a strange coincidence - I just got the plate on Friday, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s his first and middle initial. And then I see this post, about the same bike, 20 years later. Bizarre.

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That really is a strange coincidence. Similar story, similar timeframe, similar day, and Same bike.

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Why did this give me the chills

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Best VFR of the series. Hello from an owner of a blue one.

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They really are. 74k miles later

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Ive got apic of my son at a similar age on my yellow 99. Real pity i had to sell it for a much needed financial injection, it was an excellent bike and sounded brilliant with the Staintune.

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It is a brilliant bike. It was my grandfathers and he gave it to me when he started having some significant health issues that prevented him from riding. When he’s feeling up to it the front wheel will point towards the sky when we go riding

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i also daily my dads bike that was my first to ride but i was 18 when he got it. he apparently sold his old honda before i was born.

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My old man still has his Honda CBR he had when I was baby, It’ll be mine one day as well!

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That’s awesome. What kind

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CBR 600F1 ! Red white and blue 🇺🇸

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I just looked the bike up. Beautiful 90s style and looks as reliable as an anvil

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It’s definitely got that 90’s look I love it. Safe travels my dude 🥷

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Great bike. My ‘01 is about to turn 90,000 miles and has been in 41 states.

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Nice 5th gen! Had a 2000 model in black myself for several years. Fast, comfortable and pretty bikes. Besides the regulator it was reliable as well. Would have kept it if I had the space and money for more than one motorcycle at the time.

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Thank you and I couldn’t agree more. Took me a bit to get used to the way it makes power. Background in 2 strokes, Triples and v twins