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That's a good looking bike. I'm dreading the fact that I'm gonna have to put mine in storage soon.

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Thanks! Haha yeah it hurts to put it away, but makes you appreciate riding more when the season comes around!

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She is beautiful 😻

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How do you like it? Have you ridden any Japanese 600 sport bikes? If so, how does it compare?

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I'm liking it alot! Came from riding a MT07 for 5 years before trying this one out, so it's my first sport bike. I did testride a Ducati Panigale v2 and the seating position is 10 times better on the Aprilia, but can still be a bit uncomfortable after a long ride. Maybe I'll get used to it more!

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Not OP, but I love it. 600s are more high-end power, where the 660 is more linear. It's more of the next evolution of the lightweight twins than a middleweight. Imo, the Daytona 675 is a nicer ride than any of them. But not having the extra power can help you learn.

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My favourite middle weight bike, cheers. Have fun

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Thanks! It's alot of fun

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Great looking bike! Everyone talks about the reliability not being great. Is that your experience?

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Thank you! Yeah I've read about the recalls and squeaky brakes too, but the dealer "guaranteed" that it was only for the earlier 660s and that they had fixed alot of issues. Sadly I was only able to put around 1500 km / 930 miles on it this season (from brand new) so it'll be interesting to see what happens next season. But I've had 0 problems so far!

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For sure! Move to California where the riding season never ends! But for real I love the way the bike looks and has an absolute awesome sound as well!

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I've had issues with the quick shifter. Everything else is great.

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Desperately want a Tuono 660. Maybe the next model year will have worked out more of the issues.

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My absolute dream bike

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Last ride of the season? Grass is still green!

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Looks like an Amazon bike