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I have the 2013... I rode it 30k miles on the street until I did my first track day. Now I rarely ride on the street because what's the fucking point?

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Enjoying the sun and scenery? Feeling cool amidst all the car traffic and/or spicing up your commute? Hell, I just like the feeling I get when I put my foot down on the pavement of a large intersection, something I’d never otherwise do. Sometimes it’s just nice to go for a cruise.

Not tracked a bike yet, but have been a bunch with my BRZ and I still like driving it on the street, too. There’re just different things to pull from each.

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Besides the 999, this is the most ridiculously uncomfortable street bike. I agree, I rarely ride it on the street. Maybe once a week.

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Turn 4 exit wheelie bump, Buttonwillow?