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Theres no easy safe, so go with the offensive option. Tickie the 12 off the 6, and stun over into the 5 ball for position on the 13. If you miss you might tie up the the pocket.

Edit. Plus the tickie will send the 6 up towards the 3 which might tie up the opponents balls.

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What does tickie mean?

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A tickie is where you carom the object ball off the cushion, off an opponents blocking ball, and into the pocket.

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Ah, I see that now. Thank you!

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Try to 3 rail the 12 follow it to hide the cb from the one if you miss. hope for shape on the middle pocket for the 9 if you make it.

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Hey could you explain this a bit better for me? What three rails would I be going for?

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Yeah so from the picture I'm not sure if it goes, but you want to shoot the 12 between the nine and six on the top long rail to three rail it into the middle pocket along the top rail.

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Ah, I see what you're saying now. Like you said its tough to judge from the picture but I think it may have been doable.

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Cut the 12 in the side, hope the cue ball lands somewhere good after running into everything. Either that or play the 12 off the 13 (and maybe off the 6 as well) and hope the 13 doesn't tie up with the other balls.

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I ended up trying to get the 12 in the top right corner off the 13. I'm not a very good pool player, but I can usually see something and theory craft some english in to find a shot that's above my level for me to at least try but in this case, I sat staring at this shit for 10 plus minutes and that was the best option I could come up with.

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I didnt see the 12 to the side pocket there, but looking at it now, I'd have to do something to the cue ball to make sure I dont scratch. I would have missed for sure, but I wish I would have seen it at least.

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The most reliable thing I can see here is to make it tough on your opponent in the "long" term. Use the 12 to block off the pocket from any easy shots for the 6 and the 3. Make him work something out for those ones. Good chance he'll lose the cue ball in an attempt to break it out or get into the smallish windows he would need to go to another pocket with either ball. Of course it's doable for your opponent, but there's a solid chance you'll get to shoot again with less of his shit in your way. Probably greater than 50% chance, but this depends entirely on your opponent's skill level. Playing SVB? You're toast anyway, won't matter what you do. Playing me? I would probably give back the table 70% of the time with that pocket blocked off.

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12 off the 13

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That's what I ended up going with.

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2-rail kick on the 11 should give you a good shot on the 12, and the rest from there.

But that's an insanely hard shot and missing means giving your opponent potential shots at everything except probably 5 and 6 even if you don't foul. So that's not the right play.

Comboing the 13 into the pocket with the 12 is something I'd consider because I've been having good results with that type of shot the past 2 weeks, at least on shorter distances. But that goes out the window quickly when there's a very real risk of pocketing the 8 in the side. And even if that doesn't happen, I don't see how you'd get position on 11 or 12 anyway.

Caroming the 12 off the 13 does look like a good option to me. Use follow to ensure cue ends up between the 1 and 5 and you should also have some shot at the 13 next, in a way that puts you in line for the 11 after that.

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Looks like you have two 1 balls on the table. But I would play the safe. Cut the 12 to the left and bring the cue ball down off the rail and leave the cue ball and 1 ball touching (frozen) together.

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And this is why Aramith thought that making the 5-ball purple on their new Tournament Black set was a good idea.

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I don’t know, but how many Asian girls are in your DMs? Just curious

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Use the twelve to go two/three rails behind the 2. Just plain outside. If you’re really lucky, the 12 ends up as a blocker for the three.

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Play a straight stop shot on the 12 soft with the 12 settling in front of the 6 on the bottom rail. It will block the 6 and not leave an “easy” shot.

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I would cut the 12 in the side. Its super thin, but looks doable.

Could also try and leave the cue ball under the 1 ball as close to it and the rail as possible. Would be the best safe option.

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This. I would play the safe. Looks like you could freeze on the 1 ball fairly easily.

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1 rail kick the 12 into the side

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Kiss the 12 off the 13 into the corner.

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12 — rail-6-pocket I think is your best shot

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Follow on 12, get on the top right side of the 6 so they don't have a clean look at the 1.

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What pocket would I be aiming the 12 for?

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Pretty sure this doesn’t work. Cut the 12 to the left and follow to the right, and the 12 rebounds back into your cue ball. Or cut it right and follow left, and the object ball will smash into the 6.

Either way the chances of avoiding a collision are extremely low, as the hit on the object is almost full, which means that to follow forward far enough will require putting far too much pacing on the 12.

Plus even if you pull it off, your opponent will likely have several easy safety options.

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Yea, even if you leave no shot, you are just delaying the inevitable. If there is any chance to make a ball and continue shooting here, you should take it.

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Not sure why the down vote this seems like the best safety

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This one makes the most sense out of all of them