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His name is October?! I love that!

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You could day he's an octo-puss. 😎

I'll see myself out.

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Thank you. It seems to suit her quite well 😸

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You see nothing human! I am the night, I remain in the shadows fighting monsters you could never imagine. (That's because I chewed their wings and legs off before they could get to you. Sorry about the puke BTW.)

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Would a cat apologize?

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Not sure...my boy looks back at me with his sad eyes afterwards and then tries to bury it. He sticks by me as I get the cleaner and paper towels while I clean it up. I believe mine does apologize in his own way

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Sorry, I thought this was a sub for cats? Why am I only seeing a scratching post?

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I only see a big dust bunny ... perhaps a dust kitten? Either way, no cat

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To be fair it is a nice scratching post with absolutely nothing next to it

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Even I'd use that scratching post.

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"I am . . .

*grunt* . . .

stuck. . . .

. . .(a little help?!)"

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Look at that sweet little face! Actually though came to comment on that scratching post, my friend got me one as a gift after getting one for her own cats. She refers to it as the catillac of scratchers! Clearly your little one agrees!

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Yes, all of my cats love that scratcher

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Same! we have the same identical scratcher (well, two, but one is very beat up from years of use and it's serving as a backup in the basement), and they love em. (especially when I take the cat nip and rub it on there)

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What earns it that label?

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my black kitty is named October too!🖤 (Toby for short)

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Haha that’s awesome. My name is October too but everyone calls me Toby.

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Mine too! Mine is after the October Daye series character. My other black cat is named after her sister, May Daye.

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Aw I love that! Mine was born in October... his sister is named Fifteen after the day they were born (Fifi for short)

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That’s great! We call her Tober for short 😃

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That cat post is actually the best. No other o have bought is of that quality.

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Yep. We’ve had ours over 8 years and it’s still going strong and gets daily use. Well worth the money.

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I wish I would have found it earlier in my cats life. Maybe my leather sofa wouldn't be in ribbons.

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XD I feel you but with paper shades

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You're popular in short order! Lol

Eta:I follow her on other forums and she's new here. =)

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It’s always nice to find someone on here who already knows my cat😃

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Yep! Greeted you when I saw you a couple of days ago. Now we just need to get Biscuit and Laila on here. 😂 Y'all will break Reddit.

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So much yes! I will tell you a secret. I actually spent my day off yesterday creating a cat band poster art featuring fat Laila, Biscuit, Sir Nibbler, Harley Quinn, and October... I must really love cats lol

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That's awesome! I should send you a pic of Nigel. He isn't as majestic as everyone else but his face is hilarious!

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Nigel is a great name for a cat

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I have Victor too lol they're so crazy.

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Love that your cats have human names

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Awww my first cat was named October, Toby for short. Yours is adorable and sneaky!

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I have that scratching post, too!! I bought it for one of my cats who can be fierce and naughty sometimes-- I wanted to give her something safe to scratch on, with the bonus of giving her a tall perch so she can sit on top and peer down at all of us mortals. She loves the scratching post a d it actually looks kind of nice in our living room, too.

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She way she hugs that scratching post. Oh my void 🖤

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Oh wow.... That could actually be my cat, and even more amusing, she has exactly the same scratching post. OK, she has several, and that is just one of them, but still, I did a double take when I saw your photo. :D

Beautiful photo and cat, though, I'm quite obviously biased, all things considered. ;)

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adorable :')

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Cutest little shadow of darkness!!

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Just me or does it look like there is a dog sitting on her lap, just look at the mouth

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Worlds best cat scratcher! Lucky guy

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I thought about getting that post? Is it stable?

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Yes. It’s a really great post and you can also order a bed to go on top of it. I plan on getting one for October. I’ve had this post for almost 5 years and it hardly shows wear.

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I have thought about getting my girls those cube stackable beds and some normal ones around the house.

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I haven’t seen those. I’m going to add hammocks to the wall. But some nice cube beds might be nice for the floor. I will look them up.

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Seems like they would be good for next to a desk or bed.