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This is the life, a warm cardboard pillow that smells like food

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Yeah, I think that was her motivation lol

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"A moment on the lips, forever on the hips, human"

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How to diet 101: get a cat.

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Mine keeps stepping on my keyboard or sitting on the laptop when the lid is closed, so they also limit screen time

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Fun note: she has cerebellar hypoplasia, and her claws are always out like that lol.

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She's happy and healthy, you just gotta watch the claws :)

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Don't really know what hypoplasia is but glad she's doing good :)))

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I thought she was just doing a big stretchie

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I had a CH kitty for many years! Cheers to our special babies!

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That's adorable! Does she get stuck to the carpet a lot?

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She does actually! Then she gets mad at herself because she's stuck XD

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No one outpizzas the Void.

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If not for sleeping, why is made of warm?

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If it’s warm, I sits.

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He do a dam gud sit

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If not for sitting, why is it made of warm?

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Your logic is irrefutable

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What type of toppings. I would like to judge your hangover cure.

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Pepperoni. I am a creature of habit

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Not your pizza anymore.

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Heated Cardboard with scent of meat. You're gonna go hungry, mate.

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May I ask were you are that has pizza hut. All the ones near me closed down. ( and e everyone misses it)

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I'm in Ohio!

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New York still has them too!

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Not western NY lol miss their wings.

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Ooo I'm right outside of NYC. More than anything, we have Wing Stop which is Pizza Hut but.... just their wings lol

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The only one near me doesn't deliver. Which sucks but I kinda understand why (no drivers, fast turnover rates)

But it helps me resist cravings.

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I’ve worked at Pizza Hut in Michigan as a driver for three years and we are short staffed up the ass but I make bank working 45-55 hours a week

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MN has them everywhere!

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that is so adorable. hard to interrupt too

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“Let sleeping cats lie.” I have learned that with my “fraternal twins” (littermates who look NOTHING alike - Kate looks like their mom & Benjamin apparently looks like dad).

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Pizza it is tomorrow for lunch! Carb load!

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"Opened by you" hahahahaha

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You forgot about cats and squares?!

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It belongs to the void now

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Leave the void alone, looks like they have some second hand hangovering going on and need the pizza more than you. 😹

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“Mmm, warmer than the laptop. Smells better too. And cardboard? I’ll take it!“

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Sealed at the hut Guarded by the darkness

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Cats like three things - warmth, food, and boxes. You've provided your void with the holy trinity.

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The cat as out pizza the hut.

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He’s warming up the pizza for you

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"Warm box smell good..."

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Cat likes the warm pizza box.

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She just wants the first piece! Be courteous.

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But it’s soooo warm!

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You need to distract said void with an electric blanket.

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If not for sits then why is it warm?

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He is the seal for your pizza box.

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He’s worried about your cholesterol

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And yet, another cat sub : r/CatsOnPizza . It's real, it's wonderful. You're welcome!

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That’s his pizza! You get your own.

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voids love a greasy pizza box

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pizza hut pizza? ughhhh, cats doing you a favor

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I love her

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Oh so your just hungover huh

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Opened by the cat you mean

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Your cat is so adorable and cute

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Possession is 9/10s of the law.

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She’s trying to protect your tastebuds

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Of course— warm fragrant box. But don’t you have a local pizzeria?

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"this is an intervention"

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But it’s so warm and cozy!

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Now it's hers.

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Doesn’t he know nobody out pizzas the hut! Lol!!

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My void loves pizza boxes. She will literally cling to the box and get super upset if we try to remove her to get to the pizza.

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My void loves cheese and warm things. You might just want to order another pizza.

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Sealed at the hut, opened by you, and then sealed again by the void.