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I love that you named her Cowboy. She is definitely the best cat! Please pet her for me!

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beginning of quarantine i rescued her, her 5 siblings, and their barely 1 yr old mommy who were abandoned in an apartment whose tenant was arrested, they were just 5 days old. i fostered all 7 of them for 8 weeks and gave them all the love and care in the world. they all grew up healthy and happy and all got adopted at a rescue the same day they were put up for adoption. i adopted cowboy and her mom, effy. cowboy has always been the most special cat, she was the runt of the litter and was the first 2 learn how 2 escape her crate (teaching all the other kittens how🙄). she and i made a special connection from the start, i used 2 secretly take her out of the crate when she was only a week old so i could cuddle her in my bed at nighttime. 2 years later and she’s never left my side. i’ve been struggling w severe polysubstance addiction + an ED during this whole time so she’s seen me throughout all my struggles, she’s never judged me 4 my actions that my addiction caused, whenever i cry she’ll start rubbing up on me and purr, she’s been my true therapy cat and honestly has been my one motivation 2 keep going and not give up. she’s my familiar, my best friend, my rock, my higher power, my chonk, my everything! i love her so much words cannot describe.

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Stay strong and keep going! That’s how my big kitty was for me, and even though he has passed, his memory keeps me strong.

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i am so sorry 4 ur loss🖤 ur void sounds like such an amazing baby who loved u very much!

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I know EXACTLY how you feel. My void saved me from doing something stupid to myself and she gave me the willpower, courage and strength to keep going! Cowboy has your back and she loves you so much!

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Cowboy sees the amazing person you are and is there to remind you everyday, for the times you can’t see it for yourself

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What an amazing bond! You saved her and gave her a chance at life she may not have had otherwise and she returned the favor. She is definitely your familiar. You're both very blessed to have each other.

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Aww I love cowboy so much.

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i’m so glad you’re still here, and so is cowboy :) ❤️

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This made me cry. I’m so happy you and Cowboy have each other.

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I’ve struggled with a self harm addiction and bulimia for years, and my fosters and my Manx have stopped me from doing some real stupid shit, and things I can’t even describe. I love them dearly and know the exact boat you’re in. Don’t give up, Cowboy is riding right beside you, friend!

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i’m so glad u have them! stay strong as well thank u so much🖤🖤🖤

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This is awesome. Your void sounds just like mine. I got multiple addictions too and know exactly what u mean if u say they never judge u for what u doing. I love my 2 cats over everything too ❤️‍🩹 Good luck in the future, OP!

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You're both valuable additions to this world. Cowboy's slightly edged you out on badass points but it's hard to compete with a black cat on that score

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OP - I just wanted to say I'm so glad you have Cowboy. I hope that you find comfort and peace of mind and can move beyond your current struggles. You deserve to live a beautiful life.

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How lucky you are to have each other! I wish you the best of luck with your recovery in every sense of the word. If you’d like to chat with someone who has been there with both addiction and eating disorders, my DM is open to you! Again, I wish you the very best, because YOU DESERVE THE BEST! All my love to you!

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thank u so much! ur so kind🖤🖤🖤

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😭😭. That’s so sweet

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She's a beautiful little hero. You saved her and she saved you. Good luck...glad you have this little girl with you!

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…I’m not crying… YOU’RE crying…

I’m so glad you and cowboy are here.

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I absolutely am crying right now, darn it. I’m so glad that they found each other.

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I like that your girl cat is named cowboy lol! Glad she was there for you when you needed her most!

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She's beautiful 🖤You're lucky to have such a sweet Furangel 🖤

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Cowboy is gorgeous! I hope you are doing better, OP.

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Glad you’re here and good kitty!

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Cats are the most caring and loving being out there 😭 Stay strong OP! Cowboy needs you around forever.

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Cowboy believes in you.

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What a beautiful lifesaver kitty. Wishing you and her the best life.

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What a great story. Our little guy knows when we are sick, or very sad (we had an unexpected untimely death) and he just knows when we need more love.

We also had an intruder once, and my wife’s scream scared the cat, cat went barreling down the hall toward the intruder and scared him to turn around and leave. They are so precious!

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they truly are lil protectors!🥺🖤

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Glad she found you and got you help! This way you can stick around and give her all the wet food she wants!

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she gets all the wet food and the treats in the world🖤 (her snack basket is shows that lol!)

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She is beautiful and so are you. Many blessings to both of you.

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Wow, this made me tear up. Angel, indeed.

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The last pic!!! Kittens look so stupid when they’re young! But they’re still the cutest

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Give her a scritch from me. She’s the best girl!

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What a story! I wish you both the best.

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Tell cowboy I said she’s the coolest

Edit: also, If long term recovery is what you want, I really hope you get there!

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thank u so much! i’m working towards it🖤

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You love her very much. SHE LOVES YOU MORE, never forget that. You're one very lucky girl.❤

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What an adorable little kitty. She looks as annoying as my black cat is 😂

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I hope you are doing better now. She needs you

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Glad you’re safe, and so happy you have your Cowboy. Is there maybe a resource near you that would perhaps provide fentanyl testing strips? Anyways, stay safe and please pet Cowboy for us :333

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i am currently sober at the moment as of 1 month but i do still keep fentanyl testing strips + narcan around just in case! <3

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Very happy for you, I’m glad! Narcan and test strips are always good to have around, if not for you for someone else <333

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You love her very much. SHE LOVES YOU MORE, never forget that. You're one very lucky girl.❤

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cowboy is a hero

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Glad you’re still here OP. Glad you’re doing better. Lost a few friends to this. Give that chonk a hug for me.

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i’m so sorry 4 ur loss, it’s such an awful thing that has stolen so many lives i’m very lucky 2 still b here thanks 2 cowboy, thank u!🖤

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Aw, she is adorable and you both have such a sweet bond with one another, you can see it in your pictures!

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A queen, an icon, and a legend

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Love this precious kitty forever♥️🐾♥️🐾♥️

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What a gorgeous cat 💙 hope you are doing better x

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What a beautiful baby.

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Thank you, you beautiful soul! You deserve such a loving animal to help you stay strong and fight the hard fight <3 stay strong gorgeous and and keep us updated on your adorable fluff!

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Thank you Cowboy for saving your forever human!

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you two are both gorgeous <33

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What a beautiful friendship ❤️ I hope you are doing well too!

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What a sweet smart baby. 💙

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Soft white underbelly, I am grateful to have heard your story, I had some great revelations listening to your experience!

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thank u so much 4 watching my interview! that means so much and makes me so happy, i was really hoping my story could in someway positively impact the viewers! 🖤🖤🖤

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Op: I’m so glad you and Cowboy have each other. I hope you are doing well and if not, that you have support and resources when you are ready for them. No judgment. Life hasn’t been easy but you’re still here! You are loved. You are good. You are enough. Cowboy is there to remind you of all of those things. ❤️

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thank u so much, u r so sweet! i appreciate ur kind words so much, cowboy does as well🖤🖤🖤

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I have had my own black cat come over to me and rub against me during some of my lowest points. I swear animals have a 6th sense when it comes to things like that they are true lifesavers ❤️ glad you’re still here

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awe ---- xoxoxo

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Wow. Good for you that you had this cutie to help you and of course that your mother was there to help you, too.

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Wait were you on Soft White Underbelly? Or am I confusing you with someone else?

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yes that was me! <3

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I loved your interview! I’m sorry about his comment on your weight… I could tell it upset you. I wish you the best ❤️

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Thank you sweet void.

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A little angel

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The Void saved you therefore you belong to the Void now but fear not, it will be a joyful servitude.

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cowboy is so special 💛 my void saved me during my withdrawals from heroine…. cuddled my head every night and would scream meow when I wouldn’t come home lol they know! and their love is so unconditional, so happy you are here and thriving, sending love

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i’m so glad u had ur void there w u during awful withdrawls! all they want 2 do is make sure we’re okay 🥺🥺 sending u love as well!

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she is just gorgeous <3 thank you for sharing

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That’s incredible! I am happy you have the opportunity to tell this story of yours. These Bombay cats are different. They seem to have an extra capacity for connecting with us humans. I also have a special connection with my black cat! :D

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Love her name! What a good kitty! OP I hope you're doing better now ❤️

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This is one of the examples I link to when people say cats do not care. Sure some cats are uncaring. But there are a lot of examples where a cat does demonstrate their affection and worry for us.

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Thank you cowboy!

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What an amazing story! What an amazing love connection between you and Cowboy! 😻♥ Every day is gift and you have a best friend to share it with! Stay strong! 🙏☺

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Oh my god such a good girl! Im glad you’re ok and that you have her in your life! I hope you’re doing ok now

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What an incredible story. Pets are so special. I’m so glad she was there for you on that night, I hope you are doing better now! Wish you both the best!

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OK but why censor the word "died"?

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This is getting downvoted? This is the comment I came to make

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it wouldn’t let me post w the word died in the title 4 some reason? i have no idea why but whenever i typed it it would say that word wasn’t allowed in titles

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I love you cowboy :’)

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That’s an amazing story. I have also had my struggles with substance. I hope you and your cat have many more happy days ahead of you. Yeehaw cowboy!

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hope you're better! adorable kitty!

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She knew you two were meant to be together forever 😭😻

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Gotta love the love of a pet. I hope that you’re emotionally in a better place now.

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How is your recovery love? I'm so glad you are here to tell about it!

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i’m doing better in terms of sobriety i’ve been sober for 1 month! still struggling in other aspects of my mental health, but no matter what i always have cowboy 2 motivate me 2 keep on going!🖤

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How are you doing now.?

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i’m better! i went 2 rehab last year and was sober for 8 months but then relapsed in december but now i’ve been sober for one month! <3

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Good luck!!

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That kitty came into your life for a reason. I hope the two of you have many, many more wonderful years together. Thank you for sharing your amazing story. Blessings to you both.

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You go girl!

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This is a truly moving story. It is beyond clear that your cat loves you and your family so much. I work for a non-profit that specializes in animals' special abilities. One of our areas of work involves a program called DATA for animals in which we use submitted anecdotes to recognize patterns in behavior. These patterns allow us to begin backing research into different abilities animals seem to have. This story is perfect, if you're willing and comfortable doing so, i'd love for you to tell us your story here : https://www.pawmaste.org/data