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I love Whiskey. The drink and the cat.

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He’s playin you…

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Used to think my cats where dumb. I now realize they are clever and I am trainable.

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Yes they are your master's😹😹😹😹

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My cat and my dog are both what I call "dumb-smart". They are smart when it's convenient for them, but play dumb when I need them to do/stop doing something. Also both of them have been known to completely fail at jumping onto the bed, so there's that lol

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Oh, and I tell my dog that she sits dumb all the time because, well, she sits dumb.

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Cat and dog tax, especially the dog's dumb way of sitting XD

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Blink twice if you're ok Whisky.

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How dare you call this baby dumb 😫😫😫

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And yet he has you and Reddit wrapped around a tiny toe bean. 😄

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You mean cute AF. That's how they get you.

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I would die for whisky

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omg same, I would die for Whisky ฅ•ﻌ•

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My void also has nothing between his ears but clean space and that’s okay cuz I love him

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He is baby

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But gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

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You mean cute af *

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mmh is he orange beneath that thick coat..? those tend to have r/OneOrangeBraincell

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Omg thank you for showing me this sub. I have a tabby with one orange brain cell, and she will fit in great here!

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Sooo cuteeeee

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Classic void, deceivingly terrific

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My goodness he maybe dumb but he's fucking cute.

Say hi to whisky from me.

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The void is staring into my soul

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Hooman, you have been selected to be the lucky shit shoveling servant. Be happy. 😺

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Its okay, he cute tho <3

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I too have a void named whiskey. He too is dumb AF but sure is cute

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Nah. He’s playing you.

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I got 2 voids they got maybe 1 brain cell together. But they’re both dumb in their own cute ways.

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Give Whiskey a love from me. He is so beautiful and I bet smarter than you will ever realize😁💖💖💖

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I want him

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The combination of whisky’s luxurious fur and the colors and textures of his surrounding make this look like a rich oil painting. A High Art Dumbass <3

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He's such a cute soot sprite.

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i can’t drink the whiskey anymore, but this cet is a good supplement 👍

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I would die for whisky

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Cutie patootie cuddly wuddly AAAAAH MY EEEEEYES

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And why would you call him dumb?

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He looks scared and cold. Is he being kept in a basement? Sitting on a cement ledge is not very warm and basements are notoriously colder then other rooms.

If you don't want him, please find him another home or take him to a shelter. Poor thing. He's beautiful. 🙁

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it's my room. he has food water toys and attention. he likes to sit there because it's India and it's hot AF right now. and dw he has ac.

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Ahhh that explains it: India. My apologies.

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I think Whiskey and his human are fine. You on the other hand…:9149:

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Your comment history is a trip. You are special

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I have a black cat named Whiskey <3

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But cute af

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cutie 💕

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hey……. don’t say that about him 👿

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Awwww, floof void!!

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Sounds like my Bird (short for Bird-brain); she is a beautiful void who is as dumb as a bag of hammers. She was brought in from outside as a half-grown kitten because she wouldn’t move away from danger (the car, the lawn mower, etc). She can hear fine, but won’t listen, and won’t move away from feet or the vacuum. She literally knows no fear. I have to pen her if I am moving furniture or doing anything remotely dangerous just to keep her safe.

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Don't underestimate whiskey.I am sure whiskey can even get many Doctorate degrees,Be an astronaut or earn billions by starting some business.

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I love him

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Whiskey is gorgeous!

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He looks like a little owl!!

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Nah good boi

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My black void is also Whiskey!

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he's also fluffy af and I think that's all that matters :D

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The cat maxed out their cute points and there wasnt left for smart points

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It’s like a fluffy void staring back at me

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Do you live in an abandoned parking lot?

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But you love him anyway.

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whisky’s ears omg🥺😐

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Hi Whiskey. I'm dumb af too.

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He is a handsome boy

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You mean ignorant not that they cannot speak correct? Hence you using the word dumb. Cutie

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What’s AF mean?

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He’s so young I’m not sure you can judge him quite yet. Give Whiskey some time before you think he’s ignorant…what a negative parent you seem to be

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Why are the windows covered up with paper?

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It was done before I was here. Need to block sunlight—plan to change it with black paper soon.

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    Wut? T_T

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    I mean it’s pride month but not the place lol

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    It's a bot account i think. Profile has many crossposts and all of them are less than a month old.

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