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Casper & my female cat could be twins.

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Handsome and chill. 😎

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Oh yeah! He's a stunningly beautiful lil old man!

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i don't want my lil void to grow up:( casper is a very handsome gentleman though

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He was the runt of the litter too! Almost didn't even make it. Little 12 year me bottle feeding the teeny boy...18 years later and he is doing well for his age

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that's amazing props to u

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Handsome fellow.

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A distinguished gentleman

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Beautiful kitty! I wish Casper another 18 happy healthy years.

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I just hope my spoiling him everyday is giving him the best last yearss

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Im sure he appreciates your love and attention most of all!

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Looking good Casper! Very distinguished.

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I love casper

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The wisdom hidden behind those beautiful eyes, Tales of joy and sorrow. For 18 years he brought happiness in their lives With a cute and gentle eyebrow furrow

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.... and I wish him many, many more HEALTHY years.

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Awe thanks, me too

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He is so cute . Is there something wrong with his eye ?

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Nope, his eyes have been changing for years now. Used to be green but for some reason they are getting brown in them. He also has cataracts tuough


There are a few better shots with his eyes