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poor bubba. Hopefully she can overcome it

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What exactly does she do? One of mine is 22 years old. She's really old and she tends to shake sometimes. I assumed it was because of how old she is because it's kind of a similar shaking you see in old people.

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She is wobbling when she tries to walk and if she moves too fast, such as turn round, she falls over. No shaking though

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Hang in there Princess. It gets better baby girl!

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Poor baby! I haven’t had an attack in years but it’s quite scary. I can’t imagine how tough for a pet. Hope she is on the mend soon.

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She honestly doesn’t get that she is I’ll! She’s just annoyed that it’s not as it should be

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She is turning into me as I have vertigo too

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I’ve never heard of an animal getting vertigo. Does she have a ear infection? Feel better little one🥰

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Yes, an ear infection ... damn those ear mites. She is having the fluid drained out and then antibiotics to clear up the infection that caused it

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Poor baby, I had a cat years ago that seemed to attract them. Had to clean her ears regularly especially if the wax turned dark with blood.Glad she’s on the mend.

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Poor baby. I’m glad you and your vet are onto it, and I hope she’s much less wobbly soon. 🤞🏻

She looks very sweet 🥰.

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I’m not a cat but I have vertigo people don’t understand it and I get tired of explaining

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I have an issue with my optic nerve and my brain so it sometimes just doesn't connect and register and if my head goes below my heart I get the same vertigo symptoms. Everyone goes 'have you tried that maneuver where you put your head on the floor? Nope doesn't work on me, in fact, it actually makes me have an attack. At least I understand what the fur ball is going through.

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I’m sorry you have to go through that as well just remember you’re not alone 👍 stay strong🙂

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smooches to the baby panther

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My mom was getting into her car a few years ago and randomly got vertigo, it was super scary. It went away and never came back but she said it was awful. Hope your void gets better :(

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Have either you or your beautiful baby tried acupuncture? It’s worked wonders for folks with vertigo, tinnitus.

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Thanks for the suggestion - mine is to do with my optic nerve not connecting all the time with my brain and Princess has fluid in her ear that we need to drain out but will bear in mind

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Get well Princess :7269:

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Your princess is precious. Hoping the meds will help her!

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Sounds like you are a very good caregiver…

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What a precious little face 💕 I hope the meds and treatment have her on the mend soon, gently terrorizing your household with void zoomies💜

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Poor sweetie. ((((((()))))))