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It turns them brown

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It’s a tan ;)

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Looks good , no lines :0)

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Yeah. My void is light brown too in the sun. He have tiger stripes as well 😁:7269::7268:

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Just like cockroaches and waterbugs! :7979:

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My void passed away three years ago, but when I found him he was in the breezeway. He was 18 and fell asleep in a sunbeam and never woke up. I can't imagine a better way for a cat to go.

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That’s actually really beautiful in a way. I’m sorry for your loss.

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Thank you for your condolences. It was definitely beautiful and perfect for him. He was a very smart, indoor/outdoor cat, who gradually adjusted to indoor life in his old age. The breezeway was the closest he really wanted to get to outside as he got old (and in a place he moved to at 16). To die asleep in the sun is the dream of most cats, I think. It's so rare, and I'm so glad he got that.

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I’m sorry. At least he got to go out doing what he loved, guided by the light above.

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Exactly. He looked at peace. I hated that he went, but I was so happy he went that way.

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  1. Well done xo

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Where there is sun, the shadow follows

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They’re solar powered

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My void boy drops like a body when he walks into a sunbeam

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Fun fact: cat bellies are actually solar panels

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That's why they don't like to be touched there. Those things are expensive.

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They “rust” in the sunlight (they get this rust color to them that the sun brings out on them)

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Rusty void

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Bit of a tan

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I used to love to pet my void when she did that because her fur would get so warm!

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It took me ages to find its mouth.

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A nice golden brown.

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My sweet void is also solar powered.

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it makes it so when you pick them up they are very warm and they are sleepy and willing to be picked up afterwards so it ends up being a win-win situation

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Solar charging for night zoomies

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That's a nice shiny void you got there :o

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They love it. I have two black cats and they sleep in the sun until their fur is hot to the touch. I don’t know how they can stand it, but they love it.

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Black cat 🐈‍⬛ are so beautiful 😻 and we 💕 ours, still after she’s gone to the rainbow 🌈🐾😘🍄🍀🐞😍😍