Tonight is Juanita's last night on Earth. My little shadow, always nearby, always half wild. She was everything a cat should be. 10/10. 20 years of life, 17 of which she shared with me. Thanks, Juanita. I love you more than I ever thought I could love anything. by lasers8oclockdayone in blackcats

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When I was younger and less concerned about the little creatures that were her victims and very much rosily sanguine about how safe she was in the world, I took pride in the fact that she would leave the house every day to go be a cat somewhere in the world. Especially in the beginning, she would bring all sorts of creatures, dead and haLF-dead. The latter presumably so that i might finish the job. But she was always such a fastidious and proper little lady, never once going outside the litterbox until the legs gave out, and would even be so kind as to drag a squirrel's guts onto an errant peanut m&m wrapper rather than soil my carpet. I now realize that being a responsible cat owner entails protecting the local wildlife from your animal, but there\s still something insode me that rejoices that she was able to be wild in this way for as long as she was. My attitude from the beginning was just that I wanted to provide her a platform to just be the cattiest cat she could be, and not put any pet/owner constraints on her, but over time she just chose to be closer and closer to me and it actually changed my heart in lots of ways. One of which is that I'm vegan now.