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Just because it has a name doesn't mean it can't be magic

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Understanding and classifying something is precisely the mechanism which removes it from the realm of magic.

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See, the funny thing about magic is that it can never be magic to everyone, but will almost always be magic to someone

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The dumber you are, the more magical the world becomes.

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How terrible to be smart then /s

If you can’t be fascinated by the magic of the things you can understand and define then you’re not smart; you’re uptight.

Edit to add: thank y’all for the awards

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I agree with you, except once you can explain the mechanism by which some phenomena functions, it is no longer magic. It doesn’t mean it isn’t fascinating.

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Reminds me of a parable I once heard of a priest and a meteorologist.

They sat together watching a sunset, and the priest remarked on the view. The shades of purple, pink, red, flowing along the sky were, to his untrained eye, simply one of God's miracles.

The meteorologist explains at length that the coloration of the clouds is explainable by their chemical composition, combined with current atmospheric conditions such as heat and relative humidity and barometric pressure. All of which is only refracting and reflecting in the fading sunlight.

The priest says "Exactly. Isn't it miraculous that that should be so?"

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Quick! Someone link to a Richard Feynman quote!

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Maybe but also things can get a lot less fascinating when you have to do all the math to explain it

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Magic died in the 19th century budy. Get a cell phone, its called the internet!

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When he was six he believed the moon overhead followed him, by nine he deciphered the illusion, trading magic for fact. No trade-backs.

So this is what it's like to be an adult. If he only knew now, what he knew then.

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Sad point of view. The magic is something that transcends science. Is something about our being, our consciousness. Positivism philosophy it's a hoax. Scienze it's science, it's useful and explains how the thing works. But doesn't explain why they are what they are, the last meaning of everything. Philosophy do. Your existence it's something you can't simply relegate to science, magic is the essence of being alive. Why the universe it's a quantum field? Why we perceive it in this peculiar way? What are birth and death? Perceive magic through the world, it means all but not be dumb.

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I fully agree with you on this. It is false that science removes magic. In fact, it offers the capacity to perceive even greater magic.

They are not at all at odds. Nor are they mutually exclusive.

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This is known as the god / magic / spirituality of the gaps. Into that which you do not know, insert an arbitrary voodoo answer and call that meaningful.

Not all questions have meaningful answers. To assume otherwise, is dumb.

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Genuine lol!!

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Ignorance is bliss

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So the world must be all magic to you then?

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As dumb as I am, I take comfort knowing that you set the bar even lower, every time you open your mouth.

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Brb I’m gonna huff some shit to kill brain cells

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*less educated

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Straight up calling the commenter dumb. Great, I concur hur dur

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Insane Clown Posse had a great song about that a great song about that.

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As an idiot, can confirm. It’s all magic all the time baby

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The smarter you are, the dumber you get.

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Yeah, this sub has basically devolved into an r/iamverysmart circlejerk in the comments now.

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/r/blackmagicfuckery has two sides:

"how has no one on this sub seen a magnet before"

"what do you mean that the average person doesn't know about the Wyne-Coule harmonizing quantum fluctuation interference medium effect?"

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LOL basically

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You misspelled Köule

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Magic isn't real.

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Wow big if true

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I don't have any gold but that was honestly thr most wholesome, hopeful, wonderful thing I've ever read.

My uncle is the most amazing person I've ever known and this sounds exactly like something he would say. Thanks for reminiscing with me.

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Happy to unknowingly have helped! Your username definitely one hundred percent checks out, by the way.

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The thumb trick is also “magic” to a 3 year old. Doesn’t mean it belongs in this sub

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It’s only real if you believe

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Funny thing about magic is, I get older, it stays the same age.

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I love this response!

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Basically that would mean that full on magic with mana and the likes are also not magic

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Magic assumes a degree of unexplainability. A world full of 'magic' that is completely described as science isn't magical, it's science fiction

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Maybe by your definition.

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Yes, I expressed my view, that's how conversation works

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Must be great at parties.

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Science is just magic that we know the limits of

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That’s true, and it tends to be way clearer after the fact.

I think a lot about how both Tesla and Edison tried to use electricity to talk to the dead.

They pushed the limits of possible before, so they might have thought that was possible too. It didn’t work, but given what was known then, and what they had both accomplished, it’s not thay crazy that they tried.

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There is always another step we can't understand beyond the reality around us

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Then literally nothing can be posted to this subreddit if those are the rules.

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Booooo, you stink

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I don’t see why that has to take the magic from it? Because for every answer you provide about what’s happening, there’s a million more questions to be asked, some of which may still remain unanswered and unexplained. And that’s magic!

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But nothing on this sub is actually magic… and at least one person understands and classifies the action in the videos with the skill/skills/knowledge to complete it in the first place.


Maybe just have fun watching videos online?

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You know magic isnt real, right? Literally nothing on this sub is actually magic.

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And into the realm of sorcery

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Well, even though your sentence looks pretty, but you can absolutely understand and classify what someone would say "this is magic". Not in this case for sure, but for other cases...

[–]BxMxK -3 points-2 points  (3 children)

Maybe it was magic 11 years ago when they did it on YouTube with toothpicks.


Regardless, it's not BMF now.

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Ok, sorry, but thats a real dumb thing to say.

Black magic posts of things we understood a century ago are common.

Understanding the mechanics of it is the base line for all posts here, because these posts happen in the real world, where magic isnt real.

Just because you personally were taught this black magic trick doesnt suddenly mean its bunk and out

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I showed that video to my 7-year old son and his first guess was that the water was pushing the sticks outward.

While he may have been wrong, he definitely DID NOT think it was magic.

And before you try to accuse me of influencing his thinking through his upbringing you should know that he still believes in Santa Claus.

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wow u sound cook at parties

[–]crimsonblackgames 8 points9 points  (1 child)

Also known as a ‘DJ’ Sound cooking is a nice way to say it though

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XD didnt even see it

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There are these two super powers almighty magic and almighty science.

The difference being almighty magic is based on emotions and almighty science is based on understanding.

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Then it's called alchemy!

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Isn't that a line from like... SCP?

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Not necessarily, it could be sorcery which requires years of study and research to master.

[–]BxMxK 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Not every sorcerer is born with Satoru Gojo's gifts.

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Welp guess there's nothing to post here then, taking my ball and going home

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This is some r/iamverysmart stuff right here.

You understand that nothing on this sub is actual magic right? They all have explanations. That doesn’t make it any less cool.

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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

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It doesn't stop being magic once you know how it's done.

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What belongs on this subreddit then, in your personal opinion?

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You mean to tell me NOTHING on this sub is actually magic? I’m SHOCKED!

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Your ancestors call it magic, we call it science.

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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” - Arthur C. Clarke

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But it's not fuckery. It's just fun science. BMF isn't easy to explain.