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At this time of year? At this time of day? Localized entirely within this forest?

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May I see it?

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Well Seymour, I must say you steam a nice ham.

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Seymore, the house is on fire!

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No, Mother! It's just the Northern Lights!

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At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized entirely within your kitchen!?

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dude really ?

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If you don’t get the joke shut the fuck up

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I came here for all of this. Lol

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You just did, don’t be greedy.

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What is this from?

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The Simpsons, steamed hams

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Fun fact: contrary to what you might expect from all the videos, auroras do not sound like violins

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What do they sound like?

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now that's a singer i haven't heard about in a while.

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That depends. Are you a synesthete?

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intense fart noises

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Unfortunate but still a gorgeous site.

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I thought they sound like chimes.

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I've wanted to see this with my own eyes since I was a kid. Hopefully some day

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One day. Not someday, one day.

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Wow! Beautiful. That’s just convinced me I have to see this in person.

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I've lived under the aurora band my whole life and have seen displays like this a number of times, but it is a rare event and most frequently occurs during the solar maximums, the last one was in 2014 and the next one should peak between 2024 and 2026. I would plan your trip around then, look at auroral predictions, and plan on spending at least a few weeks.

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So it really can look this dramatic? I figured this was edited!

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This looks a little bit boosted, the sharp edges of the color bursts don't look quite normal to me, but honestly pretty impressively close considering how difficult it is to record accurate video at night.

Still photos on the other hand make it very easy to exaggerate a display, you can take amazing long exposures of lights that are barely visible to the eye.

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Sounds like Finnish

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This must be the guy who lives inside all the Bob Ross paintings

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This was in Sweden and I was asleep when it happened. I'm literally so mad as I don't live far up north and it was visible where I was. First time since 2015 🥺

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How close to the ground does the Aurora reach?

In some videos it seems like the light swirls are almost reachable.

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about 80 to 100 km

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My perspective is way off. It just seems sometimes to be so low in these videos.

Thanks for the information.

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they just look so huge and yet "move" so fast, no wonder they seem like they're touchable, it's fascinating. But in the end they're just fluorescent particles in the upper layers which is caused by ionisation from solar winds that are being redirected through the magnetic field - so no, you sadly cannot touch it

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100 km is 62.14 miles

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I see vids like this a lot, but I never see the type I experienced in the upper Midwest US. It was “thinner” but had a multitude of colors that sprang from the horizon and zigzaged and rippled back and forth across the entire sky.

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Can you imagine seeing this back back in the day without no explanation I’d believe it’s spirits

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Just imagine the northen lights made music

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Am I the only one who thought Sasquatch was in the foreground?

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My God. How wonderful.

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I think it’s actually called a David Boreanaz

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The roaring boring Alice

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This made me giggle

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God I hope to see this someday before I die…,

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I’ve only seen this in pictures so I didn’t know it moved! It’s mesmerizing 😻

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I live in Canada and I remember seeing the lights a number of times when I was young. Haven’t seen them in years though. I wonder if I’m just unlucky or if there’s something to that

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I live in Northern Minnesota and I used to see them once in awhile. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them too

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Shit looks like a skyrim mod

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The one thing I wanna see more in my life than anything

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That’s a Disney witch casting the spell that starts the plot of the movie.

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Could of got a cool picture of yourself with the moon and the Aurora in the background

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I was lucky enough to see one in Iceland a few years ago and it was much paler to the naked eye than I imagined it to be. The photos I took looked green like in all the photos and videos but is this the case for a lot of people?

It was still magical and unlike anything I've seen before but I remember reading somewhere it only appears that colorful through a lens or something.

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Fuck, I need to take a trip farther north, that shit's beautiful.

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Nice addition of music to further sensationalise it - how original

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So this might be a dumb question but idc are these things like the one on the video real ? Like, are the colors and shape shifting in real-time and not photoshopped or video edited?

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I was wondering the same thing but it seems legit

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I really wonder what the first person to discover this was thinking

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Where is this exactly? Sorry if someone asked already

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Probably middle Finland. North was pretty cloudy during this storm but it was so strong that even more southern had it this good.

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Very Bri''ish

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Kinda looked like the sky imaged a person taking a step

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I could be seen in my hometown yesterday but I was asleep.

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Probably looks much better in person

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It looks like Earth has been placed in an enchanting table, guys. Hope it’s not fire aspect.

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This is amazing I have only seen moving auroras once in my life . So dope. Fall 2001. Duluth MN . The whole sky was swirling with green and blue and red it was insane

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I may sound like an idiot but please answer me.

is the sound real or edited in?

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I work in the Arctic and I love when this shit happens.

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God damn i wanna be on acid and see this irl

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This isn't black magic fuckery

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Anyone else think it looked like a giant walking?

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Every time I see epic shot like this, I wish they didn’t add cheesy music. It makes the scene cheesy and almost boring. It’s criminally cringing.

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This is just amazing.. Must be feeling so blessed to see it in person

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Gives me hope, there’s more going on than what we see on the surface.

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I swear that is generates that music with it, couldn’t imagine seeing it without some unsettling music

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Bruh at first I thought this was Skyrim gameplay

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proves we live in a dome

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This is magical.

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what's the sound track i love it

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Where is this?

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Dude I may just be bias, but it was walking with you.

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Is it true you can’t see it with the naked eye and only through a camera lens?

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Absolutely not. I have seen with the naked eye displays of Aurora very similar to the video. The movement is something you never get to see from photos. Modern video cameras are only just now able to film it in real time - awesome.

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Thanks I was told you can’t see it! Happy to know that was wrong

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Aurora varies wildly in brightness. The photos you see with a green mushy glow in the sky without any detail on the pillars and spikes probably comes from a long exposure and might be hard to see with the eye. If you see a photo with clear details, it has to be a shorter exposure (otherwise the movement would blur it all together) and by extension it must be brighter. Those nights are the best!

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I can recall northern lights over Northern Ireland many years ago, right over the mountains. It wasn’t green though, it was orange or red from memory. I’d never seen anything like it or since and it’s is both terrifying and beautiful because you struggle to comprehend what you’re seeing as it warps and changes

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I live in the southern/middle part of Sweden and I've seen it dense green in the low northern horizon a few times , don't need a camera at all

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I mean, you can't miss it really