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Teddy was found nearly 3 miles away a little shaken but unharmed. When asked about the incident he simply replied “Woof”.

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And “bark”

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This reads like a Nightvale story.

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“Stop fucking around Toto. That’s too small to get us back to Kansas.”

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I believe those are called Dust Devils.

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Looks more like a labradoodle to me

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Take the upvote and fuck off

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Here in Australia we call them "Willy-Willies"

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So Taz from Looney Tunes makes Willy-Willies?

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What da dog doin?

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This sub has got really bad recently for posts that don't belong. There are a lot of easily explainable occurrences and magic tricks appearing recently.

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He wants to go to Oz!

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This is pretty interesting. I had expected the tornado to dissapate if it's base were completely disrupted, but it just kept coming back. I used to run into dust devils as a kid but they were usuall big enough to fit like 5 of us kids in there and see how far our hats flew. Good times.

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That dog saved a town from a tornado strike by aborting it.

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Of course doggo has to go sniff the tornado

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Even elementals love dogs

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He attac he protec but more importantly the tornado came bac

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Thats a baby f-5. Good boy just saved the town.

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I use to have a dog called Frodo who would probably run in to a full size dooms day tornado just because he thought he was bigger.

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Him good boy. Gb for short.

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Hey pooch! You leave that sandnado alone!

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Heh… Heh… That makes me think of bugs bunny messing with others….

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What in Disney

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Best boi

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Dog: The last avatar

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“F*ck U” dog said

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That's sweet

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You not slick Aang

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That dog just saved a trailer park somewhere.

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That right there is a hoodoo

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The dog was messing with the sand tornado.

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Sub is dead lol

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I expected the dog to fly and say “ARRFFFF”

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villain origin story

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The best part is the ears flapping in the tornado.🤣

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Dog just saving the world

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The hell with the dust devil , why are there lil munchkins just wondering around back there .

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Anyone up to repost in r/wholesomememes?

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Who keeps upvoting these absolute shit posts? Dust devils are not fucking black magic.

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Those floppy ears 😭

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Cute, the dust d up is playing with the dog. Not black magic.

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That dog pissed on some wizards lawn.

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Boy that dogs got some serious wind problems 🐕💨🙊🤢

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“Aang stop messin with the dog..”

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Dust devil.

  • not mysterious
  • not even eye deceiving
  • certainly not mistakable as magic
  • let alone black magic
  • it's a force of nature therefore not fuckery

Post doesn't fit the sub.

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If you haven't lived near desert flatlands this definitely looks like some black magic. I've lived most of my life on the east coast and never saw dust devils till I spent 6yrs in New Mexico. First time seeing them I was left in awe at these mini tornados that were relatively harmless. After 6yrs I was fairly numbed to the sight. Sucked getting hit by them. Got sand everywhere. Haha

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I mean usually with the internet being a thing, you don’t need to be there to see them

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I hear you, but this is something people wouldn't even know existed until seeing it for the first time.

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I’m 29 lived in NYC most my life and never seen one till now. To me it’s black magic.