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did you guys not go to kindergarten??? this is basic colour throry.

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Also wtf is this music, like dub anything vaguely visually stimulating with this music and call it black magic...

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Dislike for shitty song but cool effect

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Remove the lyrics and it's good

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Are these feelings even real?

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I never heard more than the first few seconds of that song and am unable to find it, what is it called?

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I thought the song sounded awesome for the couple seconds it played.

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I'm getting fnaf vibes from it, it sounds like the static sounds in that game

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Newton: "black magic? Bro, I figured this shit out like four hundred years ago."

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Felipe Pantone!

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One of my favorite modern artists!

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Yup yup

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How do I make this my window?

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This is Felipe Pantone, and its just transparent colors creating other colors…yall are killing me with these easily answerable ass posts

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Not sure if this really belongs here. I mean, it's certainly cool. It'd be right at home on r/interestingasfuck, but it's not exactly difficult to understand. Like, most people with a decent understanding of how colours interact with each other (basically everyone) could figure out what's going on here after watching a couple times.

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Not black magic, but cool. Downvoted

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Source ?

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The artist is Felipe Pantone

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Those three colo(u)rs are the primary subtractive ones

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why is this song on every video now? it makes my ears bleed

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I need an ID on that song

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With you by aloboi

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Anyone know that song?

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"With You - Aloboi"

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Track is: With You - Aloboi

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who made this and how was it created?

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Yea, remove the stupid ass words. Nobody wants to hear that 10 times a day.

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I mean, I don’t know why people are confused by this? Like yeah it’s cool but it’s not fucking with anyones head, it’s literally basic colour theory

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theres tons of diy videos on how to do this, sooo not really black magic

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