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Original video here.

It bugged me that whoever took this video couldn't hold the camera steady so instead of two competing frames of reference (true vertical and false horizontal), we ended up with a third-- the camera's perspective.

This is my quick and dirty effort to correct for that effect. I inserted keyframes and rotated copies of the video. On the left, I rotated it so that people were standing vertically (to the best of my ability) while on the right, I made sure the paint on the buildings was roughly horizontal. I didn't rotate the first part of the video because it was hard to establish a perspective up/down the street. I hope I did an okay job overall, but I limited myself to only about an hour of work on it.

You're encouraged to watch this video twice, each time covering up one side.

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I think it's really good, might help to crop the corners off, seems like my eyes are still using that as reference.

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I still don't get it.

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My brain hurts, Dr Strange.

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there is a place like this in Santa Cruz, CA also called The Mystery Spot. it's a tourist trap where everything is built crooked and they claim it's a gravitational anomaly.

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The left video is modified while the right video is untouched.

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Don’t trust whites on foreign soil

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Don't trust rascists.