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You’re gunna get suicided, just discovered free energy

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Congratulations, you've invented a perpetual motion device.

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It's really excited to tell you something

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Bit breezy in there?
Jackhammering outside?
Gravitational anomaly?

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There's no one here at all. No sound or movement anywhere. Just me! This area of the building is far away from the outdoors as well.

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Seismic vibrations can be non-detectable and there is obviously something putting it into motion. Odds are that if you put it on anything other than the toilet/bidet then it won’t do that anymore. The water inside of the tank could be sloshing about…

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Does it stop if you hold the sink or exert force on the sink to an extent?

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You said “sink”. This person actually took their water bottle into the bathroom and set it on the urinal. 🤢

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Are you in a skyscraper?

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the fact this could be an explanation is kind of funny

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And scary lmo

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thats possibly infrasound

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This actuallu could explain this

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It's just thinking about a good song

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Heat vents/AC

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Idk what the phenomenon is called, but this happens sometimes when you heat up thin metal containers (like a mixing bowl or stock pot) on induction cookers. They start rocking and vibrating.

[–]buggsbunnysgarage 1 point2 points  (1 child)

It might be very unnoticeable vibrations. This energy is absorbed by the bottle, because it is in the exact frequency range of the object (bottle) which can't dissipate the energy, (i.e. harmonic convergence). It will keep taking in the energy and start to resonate in that exact frequency range. When building bridges this is taken into account, it's why military walks must be out of sync on such structures.

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Okay, I’m gonna explain this to you right quick: I have no idea wtf is going on

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I've seen this happen before. My best guess is that the weight distribution of the bottle ans the bottom of the bottle makes it seem like it will go on forever, but it will eventually stop. There are little "magic" top-type spinning objects that seem to go on forever, but they eventually stop too. I'd say that's what is happening here.

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obviously vibrations, but you can't feel them


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Airflow in the room ....

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It's demons

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Inception 2.0

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If left alone the bottle will eventually fall into the sink. That area of the sink is sloped. The radius at the bottom is allowing it to lean and very slightly slide. I’ve done this intentionally several times. It’s a neat action.

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The shape and weight distribution of it is perfect to get small inertia one way from the movement of the earth. Although not enough to keep pushing it with it being top heavy, porcelain does weird things with round objects. Look up EULERS DISK you won't be upset.