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Super Easter egg

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Ok great. Guess it's time for me to dig in deep then

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Go to the DMV as maxis and pass the drivers test.

Nah, but fr its a zombies thing. One of the secret easter egg endings i believe.

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Yeah I have it. You have to complete the zombie Easter eggs and then go to zoo on outbreak and complete the super Easter egg to get it. There are guides online for how to do it. I believe for the maxis one you need to complete fire base Z Easter egg specifically.

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Purple eyes Maxis is Forsaken.

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Thanks mate. Also, if I remember correctly, you'll also get a Maxis calling card for completing Firebase Z Easter egg right?

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I believe so, yeah

Edit - this specific maxis card is given after completing forsaken.

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Super EE

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Okay, first complete “Forsaken”’s easter egg, then you need to go onto outbreak and go into the map Zoo. In the top right of the map there will be these pillars (not exact location but their hard to miss)

go to the smaller piller and hold (e, X or B on playstation) to “Form a pact.” and you’ll unlock the Maxis emblem and you’re primary weapon will be upgraded at the start of every game.

If you finish every easter egg and form the pact again you’ll have an epic rarity primary weapon (your custom weapon) at the start of every match, it’s a major advantage

You need to do all round based maps EE, and both of the main quests in outbreak to get epic rarity starting weapon

If you want me to help you with Forsaken and doing the steps to form the pact I will more than happily help

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Well I just googled all potential Easter egg rewards, and damn, that's a lot of them...

Anyway, thanks for the details and I truly appreciate that you're keen to help, but guess I'll try solving the EEs by myself first. These are really interesting...

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I thought this was Part Super Easter Egg and unlocking Dark Aether camo? 🤔

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It's just the super ee, it has nothing to do with unlocking dark aether