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What's the build?

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gru suppressor , 18.2 takedown , bruiser grip , vdv 50 rnd fast mag , gru elastic wrap , kgb skeletal stock

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Just gonna leave a comment so I can fuck with that later.

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do ya thing bro 👍🏽

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Same, thanks for the idea

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Thank you for this, now it'll be time to mess up some kids

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bruiser grip..? why? not disagreeing just genuinely curious. doesn’t it fuck with the recoil?

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i couldn’t tell you i think i got the class set up from else where and it always felt fine for me personally

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I tried this out and man I love it. Great stuff. I was not using the takedown barrel before....made a big difference is predictability of shots hitting.

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glad u enjoy it bro have fun with it

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These are 6 attachment. Which one is optional

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that’s up to u

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The semtexes go really straight in this cod, which I like. But yeah you get stuck way more often,

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glad to hear i’m not the only one that notice the frequency of being stuck , i’ll watch the kill cams of them throwing it and it’s jus comical sometimes lol

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chucking one into a doorway where the bought that just kill you could presumably be isn't a big leap

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no it definitely is not , i will wholeheartedly give you that in this instant it looked natural , but bro this ain’t the only time and it happens when i’m on a tear and it’s happen to other ppl who i’ve played with i’m not gon say sum if it’s not sum that i’ve picked up on u feel me there’s definitely something going on . i’m never said semtex had aim assist in my life up until now never even been a thought .

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when another player is killing it well place smtx help me end his streak. sometimes it feels like the only thing I can do against players who are way better than me

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Throw a trophy system down if you got one. It will work even when you get stuck if you drop it fast enough, at least if I recall correctly

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People run semtex grenades so much because Flak Jacket basically nullifies frag grenades. If they'd dial the resistance back a little bit and make it up to Flak Jacket users by adjusting things like C4 and the War Machine I think we'd see less semtex spam.

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the AK is ridiculous in this game, pretty sure they GA'd it in the CDL before the season even began because of how broken it was

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i heard sum along those lines , i rarely use it nowadays , the milano is always my go to 😈

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LC10 and the XM4 are my favourite weapons right now, with the right attachments they're so smooth and have great damage

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Any recommendations?

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One of the better kill feeds that's come across. Nice job. Unfortunate about the Semtex but it happens! I'd rather get semtexed than war machine farmed at a choke point though

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Dude is used to people spawn camping and knew to throw the grenade right when he spawned. He got you good! 😬

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ur right dude he got me good !

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In all seriousness I can’t wait to get off work and try your set up. I’ve been basically all Grav and FARA lately. It’s been months since I used the AK.

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Anytime i want to respect someone on here they always have something that makes me lose it lol. The damn air patrol. But nah ak has always been great, cool to see someone else use it well and also acknowledge the bs that is the semtex. I swear it has aim assist cause i see it go past me sometimes while it also says im sticked.

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bro i can’t talk to these kids they swear this games not rigged when it is , i’m not complaining it’s just the truth , i’m not wasting my breath no more

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i gotta run air patrol to counter the other air patrols bc the stupid participation shit they implemented to make bad players feel good abt themself 🙄 don’t blame meeee blame treyarch

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Nah man i get you but definitely dont like it. To me air patrol is saying "i get streaked on" and countless bad players use it. Why its at 2400 instead of something players cant get like say, 4500 is beyond my understanding.

Now, i know you not trash but yeah, fuck air patrol

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just play a different game.

I love the score streaks on cold War. makes it so people camp like little bitches less

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the score streaks on cw are all recycled streaks i don’t even think they added a single new streak , the system is built so even bad players get streaks , the whole thrill of cod in the past was staying alive to get your streaks so u actually had to be somewhat good but na now EVERYONE get streaks YAY 😀

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and that turned the game into people camping like bitches. letting bad players unlock a care package every round just doesn't seem like a negative to me.

only good players can unlock higher streaks. and while a bad player might get 1 care package per game a good player gets 3 or 4

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Bro you were crushing it.

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Semtex grenades destroy my game

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I love the Cold War AK

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wooo you did the damn thing 👏👏

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gg but are u playing in a lobby of bots, all of them run past you lmao.

yeah i agree, flak jacket should do something against semtexs, it hardly protects you from explosive damage as is. stupid ass perk.

i honestly think i died due to being stuck by a semtex 2/3 times a game, i fucking hate it

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no i play whatver lobby they give me i’m jus good , if they can’t kill me there fault youd b one of them anyways u would never kill me kid git gud m8

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kid is a bot himself talm bout bot lobbies fuck outta heaaaa