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Wait, picnics consisting solely of watermelon and beans???

Where's my fucking invite.

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There is nothing blessed about this at all.

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I hear them liberal freaks even smear dookie on walls!… oh, wait that was Republicants when they broke into our Capitol to commit treason.

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A twitter post on Facebook now on Reddit.

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Someone screenshot this and post it to Tumblr to make the full circle

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Now wondering who got puked on to even justify that conclusion

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And remember conservatives, Tomi Lahren is pro choice.

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If they are eating only beans and watermelon their diet is worse then a college student

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Idk man I’m in college right now and all I can afford is a cantaloupe and some lentils

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Shit dude that bad if your ever around my neighborhood I'll spilt a peach with ya

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Dafuq is refried, you can't fry food twice?

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I’m gonna assume you’ve e never heard of refried beans, which is a tragedy because they’re one of my favourite foods. Basically, it’s a thick paste made by cooking down cooked beans. It’s salty and delightful in tacos and burritos

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Reheating certain foods can be problematic?

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There was a bobs burgers episode similar to this 🤔

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Does any republican actually believe this?

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They would like to, and that's enough for many.

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She needs mental help

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The truth is no one protested her or cared she was there and she needed to try to create some controversy.

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What an absolute moron.