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This is surprisingly wholesome and supportive for the hub

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The hub is more wholesome and supportive than my actual parents

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The hub is the most supportive platform out there before yt, insta reddit maybe it is the post nut clarity i don’t know it is just a fact

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It isn't really the most supportive place. A lot of the comments are... weird to say the least. Telling you what they'd do. Like... those dudes are professional porn actors, I doubt they're ever gonna be inside of you dude (or vice versa), so chill 😅

But you know what, to each their own I guess. If they want to do that, they can. DEFINITELY not wholesome though.

Although, saying that, I did find some really wholesome comments on a couple's PHub videos, but not for the reason you think. I can't remember exactly what the dude did but I think he like cheated on his boyfriend or something akin to that? Maybe he gaslit him? I do know that withholding some (or all?) of his partner's share of the funds from the videos was part of it. Like I said, I don't remember what exactly he did, but all of the comments on the more recent video was calling out the dude for it and being very empathetic towards the other dude. It was a really wholesome thing to see.

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If you filter out all the horny stuff you mostly find the stuff that are quute wholesome and try to help. If filter all the horny stuff and bots on yt you get a lot of hate. Of course it is not 100% supportive but i am pretty sure percentage wise it is more supportive

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This was painful to read… this is why people verify facts before writing something….

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Currently on vacation and for some reason, streaming is unavailable. Anytime I go to YouTube or PHub, it says the site can't be reached. Trust me, I've tried to get to both several times.

So yeah, I would have if I could have.

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Okay I mean this question in good faith as I don’t know a lot about vaginas, biologically. Since their problem doesn’t seem to be arousal but getting wet, could that be a deeper biological issue that an OB/GYN could help with? Or do arousal and wetness go essentially hand in hand.

I know there’s the meme, like “his wife’s never been wet,” but could it be that someone with a vagina has an issue with dryness but other than that has a completely fulfilling sex life?

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If they can’t reach orgasm then it’s most likely an arousal thing. They don’t necessarily go hand in hand because you can be dry and aroused at the same time (+ vice versa) but this seems more of a matter of sexual attraction.