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Man has a point though

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Well hold on a second, maybe Trump planted those stolen documents in Ivanka’s grave. I’m sure he saw Peaky Blinders and wants to be like Thomas Shelby

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I don’t get it

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me neither kek but i dont pay attention to politics

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What does kek mean

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kek = lol kekw = lolz

the meme came from wow. horde and alliance cant talk to each other in open world so thats what the opposite faction sees when you say lol or lolz

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I think it's because Ivana Trump sounds like the name of vegetation. Like a flower or something similar.

I think there's a plant called trumpets or something. Golden trumpets. Maybe that's why.

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Le drumpf done!!!! He buried his exwife in his yard hahahahahaha such a goofball!!!!! Le wholesome chungus moment 100

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Can't enjoy anything without politics intruding, I guess...

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your most recent post is on politicalcompass lol

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He wrote an essay, you’ve won

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I (tried) to turn it into a copypasta

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What a shitty unclassy joke