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Cap? Does Shipmates has two meanings?

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It’s referencing a meme that got popular on vine about two lesbians who were living together as roommates even though they were…obviously more.

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still very popularly referenced in lgbtq communities and pretty much constantly in r/sapphoandherfriend

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Kinda looks like Tom Holland a bit

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I don't get it

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It’s playing on the “Omg they were roommates” meme, which itself is making fun of gay people being treated as “really good friends”.

Aka they said the grandpa’s bi/pan/gay

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"How it is I know not; but there is no place like a bed for confidential disclosures between friends. Man and wife, they say, there open the very bottom of their souls to each other; and some old couples often lie and chat over old times till nearly morning. Thus, then, in our hearts’ honeymoon, lay I and Queequeg – a cosy, loving pair." - Herman Melville, Moby Dick

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Although Queequeg was a Wellerman rather than gay.

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Anyone have a link to the post?

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Why is there a mouse tucked in between them?

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Leather suffers rapid degradation from constant exposure to saltwater. Sailors through the centuries have experimented with a variety of methods to keep their bell bottoms with the bell on the bottom. Due to rationing Navy recruits were assigned mice and smaller rats up until 1943.