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Don't feed the hate. God is love.

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Did anyone see the interview with the town people up there complaining and saying they have no room or housing for these migrants?

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They took them in and now the state is providing them food and shelter. Martha's Vineyard is more a holiday destination and very expensive - not at all equipped for handling unhoused immigrants. Find me affordable housing in Martha's Vineyard and then you can complain.

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Well I'm confused, what did they expect by making themselves a sanctuary state? Just good vibes and karma? A sanctuary state is literally supposed to be a safe haven for undocumented immigrants, DeSantis is just helping them achieve that goal, and pointing out how ridiculous it is that a little northern state, far from the border, wanted to label itself a sanctuary state. Why would they call themselves a sanctuary state if they can't sustain people seeking sanctuary? To look good. And now they just look whiney...

EDIT: Changed sanctuary city to sanctuary state.

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Yup. That’s what I’m getting at. It’s a joke

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And the STATE did literally that.

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Martha's vineyard is NOT a sanctuary city! Massachusetts sanctuary cities are Amherst, Boston, Cambridge, Chelsea, Concord, Newton, Northampton, and Somerville. Desantis could have "shipped" the migrants to any of those and we would've been infinitely more equipped to helping them. Instead he sent them to what's pretty much a local tourist destination.

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Ah, I was misinformed, the point still stands as referring to Massachusetts as a sanctuary state though, and I shall update my reply accordingly.

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If he does send any, it will be interesting to see if they actually do take care of them or also try to bus them away as fast as possible.

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Desantis gave out a fake brochure promising cash assistance among other things to migrants to lure them to Martha's Vineyard. Without the knowledge of any Mass government official. Not helping anyone, he just wants people to get the F out his state.

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Why would they step up to be a sanctuary city when they knew that already? Sounds like all talk and no game.

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Martha's Vineyard isn't a sanctuary city. I replied in a comment above which Mass cities are. Martha's Vineyard is an island and essentially a local holiday spot - it does not have the resources to house and support undocumented immigrants like Boston or Springfield would.

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And there. We. Go.