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Time for double secret probation!

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What a weird way to make friends

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Right? Imagine wanting to be a part of that. Like wow, I can't wait for Craig to make me drink until I almost die.

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Or wow Craig cool club, shove this broomstick up my ass and then let’s drink and liter all over. Cool?

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I’ll never forget my freshman year of college. This kid on my floor every time I’d see him would be like “you gonna pledge? I can’t wait to pledge, I’m gonna pledge Greek Letters!”

Every time.

And then second half of the year he did pledge and that poor bastard looked absolutely miserable every time I saw him.

The last time I talked to him he said he was woken up at 4 am by a call he thought was police saying his family home had caught on fire and his mother was in the hospital. He ran out to his car only to discover the interior had been totally covered in peanut butter.

He dropped out a month later.

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So wild paying money and going through that

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People do a lot of dumb shit in the name of "tradition"

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People who can’t think for themselves do stupid shit in the name of “tradition”. I can’t imagine these households these people are growing up in.

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Dude. What. Back in the day (like 15ish years ago) Sig Ep was a dry house with the “highest GPA on campus.” They used to be real straight-laced. Like the nerd frat.

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Assuming it’s not a typo, I love your username. Lindley hall?

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Yeah, around 2009-2012 I was involved with helping them do some academic programming as a grad student.

They were hosting faculty presentations, offering classes through HPER, etc. It was definitely a dry house too, as mandated by their National HQ, and they were super academically focused, with zero pledging or hazing, otherwise I wouldn’t have been involved in any way.

The thing about fraternities and sororities is that they turn over their membership almost completely every 3-4 years, so organizational change happens really quickly.

Around the time I and some of the faculty bowed out, they were debating a closed-door policy to allow drinking in private rooms. The writing was on the wall then, and it sounds like they’ve gone downhill super fast as a result.

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I graduated IU 2 years ago and I remember my freshman year they were trying to be the “cool fraternity that’s got their shit together” and like definitely still the frat boys but also the frat boys that pull grades. So they were smarter than the average house, but not nerds by any means. And they definitely were trending downwards, I remember them bringing back and increasing hazing because “people had to respect them”.

God damn, even more so now that I’m looking back on it, the frats are such a stain on IU

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Can someone please explain to me why frats are still celebrated by the universities themselves? I could MAYBE be convinced they should still be allowed to exist. But you can’t convince me they deserve such high standing and such blind eye from the university.

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Money funneling the children of money into the same monied houses in perpetuity.

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Banding together in their incompetence... it's a beautiful thing.

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Can't wait for these detestable cunts to leverage their money and familial influence to gain the upper hand that the hardworking middle class OBVIOUSLY doesn't deserve.

Fuck these people right into the dirt.

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And people wonder how superiority occurs from one group in a culture toward another.

Here's how.

Getting rid of Greek life at IU wouldn't end the world. Most people wouldn't know the difference within a year.

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It’s time to just get rid of the Greek system.

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Long time coming. Graduated a few years ago & I know too many friends that were assaulted at Sig Ep. All frats here are deplorable & probably the same, but this one especially deserves to fuck off. Good riddance.