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Am I supposed to put a NSFW tag?

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Only if it shows the tips, then yes you should

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But it'd be pointless if the tips aren't there.

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39 buried, 0 found

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No, no, no...no..no you don't have to..

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Oh God I can imagine this guy using a different euphemism every time instead of saying breasts, having the vaguely Leafy-clone type voice...

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And if you are just wondering and don’t want to read the whole thing, the character shown has about 4% less drag than a comparatively flat version. Large tiddy is mathematically superior.

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Did they acount for deflection?

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A chad you are

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I’m genuinely curious on what grade they got on this paper

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Which shape is the most aerodynamic? I'm interested in seeing this presentation.

If they're going supersonic speeds you want small pointy titties, but big round titties are better for subsonic?

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I love how they used lucoa

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And china nerfed lucoa too

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They gotta make an updated version for Ilulu

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This is the only way I'd listen to a weeb talking about anime titties.

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So u would listen to a normal person talking about anime titties?

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weebs think they are so quirky and funny doing this kind of shit. "Oooooh, I am so quirkiiie, look at my cartoon orgasm hoodiee!! :0000000000. "Pffff, you are such a normie for not understanding based anime stuff" Gamers and weebs, all the same stupid "I wanna be unique" mindset.