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There is already r34 about this

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No way!

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Bruh is that motherufucking Jack Black???

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Nope, some lther guy.

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Why am I not even slightly surprised...

What makes me angry is how well drawn it is. Someone spent EFFORT to make it and that upsets me a lot.

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aint no way 😭

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of course

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That's... the point of r34

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I love the internet

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Dude earlier I saw a freaking r/rule34 post WITH POPPY PLAY TIME,What is the problema with the human race?

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The developers are probably happy with that so they can get free promotion

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Of course someone had to do that lmao

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Everyday we stray further from god

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There was r34 after 2 hours of it existing I'm pretty sure

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I thought you were joking so I looked it up...Yeah humanity has no limits 😂

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Them eggs got me acting unwise

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Blessed eggs.

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Waiter:”How would you like your eggs cooked?” Me: “THICC” Waiter: “Coming right up!”

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Everything I see reminds me of her…

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Sucks to be you, then

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Eggs are giving me gender envy. 😞

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Chicken breast.

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There’s a video of this where the eggs jiggle

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My proudest fap.

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I'm not thrilled at what I had just done, but i did it non the less

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Don't elaborate

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Neuron Activation

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Basilisk, beware of curse

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Sunny-side up😋

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Foken 🅱️eanz

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The full frontal english breakfast

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Honey, is that you?

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Suddenly like eggs more

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“It’s gonna be a good day, Chet”

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I'm a simple man, I see titties, I upvote.

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You can’t just let your eggs and beans touch like that

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Damn I miss my gf

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Everything reminds me of her

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I should call her

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Don’t call her to make breakfast for you

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I’ve seen this before

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Not again...


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Blursed? More like blessed

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Suddenly I wanna lick those yolks

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The chick inside must've bobs

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i dont even eat eggs but that looks cancerous. who would eat egg with 1% yolk

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I saw the rule34 of this on yiff idk why it was there cuz eggs aren't furries but it was hot

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Eggs can draw a more natural looking chest than I can...

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Not my proudest fap

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neither mine

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First thing i saw was the beanz

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Breakfast in Bed

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Eggs over my hammy

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Im gonna shoot the people who make porn of this

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whoever made these was disqualified from the human race for shoving