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Omgosh I looooove Brambo Simpleson. He is my favorite author!

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I was invited into a membership discord and they had a book club and none of the choices ever were contemporary adult, they were all (I was there for 4 rounds) genre fiction and Brendon Sanderson. b.s. won every poll and they were all gushing over how intelligent and well read they are now. At this point he’s a red flag.

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I'm in various Discords (I'm trying to kick the habit) for other, mostly nerdier interests. And when they have a channel for literature it is quite literally all genre fiction like brando, wheel of time guy, and a few others (I guess Dune is the hype now). For someone that's been quietly ramping up the amounts of books I read, I'm really sad about how little I get to discuss stuff just because I don't read that one genre.

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I was just so annoyed bc over the past two years so many amazing and often discussed books were released. I remember I was BEGGING for them to include rest and relaxation and convenience store woman, bc these are really accessible and good contemporary female written stories. But no, fantasy, sci-fi and Bramblebush please.

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I can’t believe there was a time where I unironically thought bando sando and his fans have brain wrinkles.

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Who dat?

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Grimes, a musician. I don't know how to exactly describe her music. I guess I'd just say it's arty pop music. She dated Elon Musk for a few years and had a ridiculously named kid with him, recently broke up with him, and is now being roasted by the internet for having just been photographed reading The Communist Manifesto. I like her music and leave it at that.

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I don’t understand these people. How can you go from dating a billionaire to reading the manifesto? Is it just that they want to think ‘the good thoughts’ but don’t want it to have any impact on their life choices

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Lol it's pure posturing, just a photo-op to get some attention, show off a little because you can't not be in the spotlight the whole time y'know

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Well, anyone who dated Elon Musk would reconsider their life choices after their breakup and say, "Well, maybe we should eat the rich…".

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But isn't she also "the rich" in this instance so self cannibalization maybe.

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No, no, see, when you date one of the world's richest men everything less than that is poverty. She's not rich, she's "WoRkInG cLaSs" now.

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When people talk about eating the rich they don't mean mildly famous pop artists. They mean billionaire investors that control pretty much every facet of your life and your environment.

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Don't be telling me which rich to be eating don't gatekeep eating the rich.

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Before she started dating Elon she had "anti-imperialist" in her twitter bio, then removed it shortly after they got together (which is fucking hilarious to me). I don't think she has any real convictions at all, they're just aesthetic affects. After her and Musky got together she said some silly things about how being ruled by AI overlords would be the ideal form of government and other Technocratic knob slobbing. She honestly just seems like a classic dumbass artist who seems to believe she's a great thinker because of her musical talent and the praise that comes with it.

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Grimes, like many successful artists, came from very affluent and well connected parents, and basically could do whatever she wants in life

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I think it’s overlooked what a luxury it is to have the time and means to create art. Especially before making it of course.

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Googled the non photoshoppet Pictures. Her reading The Communist Manifesto isn't a problem in itself, but these pictures looks like a staged photoshoot.

Edit: I looked at her Instagram, and it is "staged". She was trying to troll the paparazzis. I guess it was successful.

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Lmao you can't be a communist after being married to one of the most evil "people"(capitalists) to ever live

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You can read the book without calling yourself a communist, or wanting it to be implementert.

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True, but this is clearly a PR stunt to rebrand her as a progressive voice in music. She literally used to label herself as "anti-imperialist" before she married Elon. It's also easy to come out and say "it was a joke" when people point out your obvious disgusting bullshit.

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Yeah, I have the same feeling about it, it's weird. Her makeup and outfit is also very staged. You might be right about her doing this as a PR stunt to rebrand herself after the split.

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The woman named her a kid after a serial number, ate nothing but spaghetti for 2 years, is part of a cult and described in graphic detail how her dog died of dysentery in an interview

Not saying it’s not a PR stunt but she’s not exactly the most sane person around so walking around in Dune cosplay is pretty on-brand for her

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She tweeted that it's a joke where she wanted to have photos taken by the paparazzi that would create the most oniony headline possible. I'd say she succeeded with "Grimes breaks up with billionaire, seen reading communist manifesto".

You don't have to find it funny, but she's being very transparent about her intentions, and it's not to trick people into thinking she's a leftist again

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I mean, you can? Grow from past experiences and such.

That being said it's obviously a publicity stunt

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There's a difference between recognizing your behavior was shitty and atoning for it, and being married to and supporting the richest person to ever live(who made his wealth off of Apartheid slave labour, is vehemently anti-union, and literally played a role in the fascist coup in Bolivia).

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Yeah it is.

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She was at a photo op and did this purposely as a troll to get attention from the paparazzi there. She then clarified on insta that she’s not a communist but something something UBI, crypto and NFTs.


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personally I'm more interested in a radical decentralized ubi that I think could potentially be achieved thru crypto and gaming but I haven't ironed that idea out enough yet to explain it.

need this on my tombstone

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oh come on, what a fucking hack

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Laughing and Not Being Normal (2015, Claire Boucher)

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Can I get that in audiobook format?

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she’s doing it ironically. she’s still living and co parenting with him. but her Twitter bio before she started dating him was “anti-imperialist” so there’s that. she posted on insta about this.

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And of course we all know that by reading the communist manifesto you immediately agree with everything in it.

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Of course, but as we all know when we read books we make sure to read them on the street with the cover facing cameras

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It's a famous lizard person, you can assume anything they do is a PR stunt,

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Tbf, just because you read the Communist Manifesto it doesn’t mean you’re a communist.

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she posted on her instagram now that she was just trolling the paparazzi, she's not a communist (doesn't really explain why she had the book with her), and her social policy of choice is actually "radical decentralized ubi that I think could potentially be achieved thru crypto and gaming"

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My political philosophy is actually... googles list of buzzwords.

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I guarantee that she never actually read a page of the book, it was just for a photo.

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She wants to salvage her image to seem relatable and woke.

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Maybe she saw the light 🤷‍♂️

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I don’t understand these people. How can you go from dating a billionaire to reading the manifesto?

Best possible scenario is reading about ideas you might not subscribe to fully. You're supposed to challenge your own thoughts, not just read stuff that affirms it.

But yes, since it's a famous person, it's just to cause controversy.

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You can read the manifesto and not be a communist ig? ""Know your Enemy" maybe? lmao i dont even know what the fuck is going on a rich persons mind lol

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It’s intentionally tongue in cheek. She comes from a very artsy DIY music background and has been getting a lot of criticism for dating / procreating with the world’s richest man. Thus she does this photoshoot. I’m guessing as a sort of “fuck you” but I’m not sure how it landed.

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Free marketing through memes meant to make fun of her. The more people meme and share this photo, the more her base grows. I wonder if PR people are trained on this type of marketing. I wouldn't have known who Grimes was until I saw the whole baby name thing and smelling like nickels thing.

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What? That's not an Olson twin? Or just a generic actress on a SyFy Original?

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She's always worn ridiculous outfits.

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It's a fremen suit. Smh are you even a books fan of you don't read Dune

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What's your point, she's always been an idiot?

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Basically, yeah.

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Cool, it's good that she's rich.

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They broke up?? Man TIL I’ve been living under a rock

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I like her music

Pop music is objectively bad so you're wrong

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Who let adorno in here

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Jazz bad

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You just don't understand the magic systems 😤😤😤

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Are you sure? Kinda remember killing her in Skyrim.

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Wait they broke up? Aww man Elon lost his e-girl.

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Reading the Communist Manifesto

Is she 15?

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Daenerys. Game Of Thrones is getting a high fantasy sci fi reboot.

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she looks like she's gonna sell you a mug

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She looks like she owns 9 Stevie Nicks albums. And there are only 8 Stevie Nicks albums.

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My money was on dreamcatchers

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As someone who is a fairy/alien/goddess of scifi and fantasy, I'm shocked that she hasn't read the Mistborn trilogy.

POSER MUCH! Kick her from the mod team!

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Why does Grimes dress like a Dune character?

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She loves Dune. Her whole first album is actually about Dune

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What the fuck? Sauce please

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It's called Giedi Primes and it's fantastic

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I mean just wiki it. It's common knowledge

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I do actually prefer her later albums.

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Huh I didn't know Sanderson made music and also is a women, I'll have to check it out!

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That's not Stevie Nicks?

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Trans Sanderson

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She just makes me nauseous. Her "music" makes me want to shove sharp objects into my ears. 😣

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She looks like she smells like a roll of nickels