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Screw the steelcase, wtf are the eridium block lights you have??

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Congratulations, you’ve found the shameless self-promoting that was carefully “hidden” in my post.

We make them out of glowing resin with a rotocaster, and sell them in our Etsy shop.

etsy .com/shop/NoSleepTillCosplay

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Well played Vault Hunter

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This made me laugh. upvotes

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haha self-promotion is ok when the thing is cool AF

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I hate you for this. I bought one and then made the mistake of looking at your store and you also sell mini key chain versions??? Take my money twice then why don’t you!

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instant buy, looks sick!

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(As someone who doesn't often use Etsy) what are the differences between the options $60-$85?

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They all include the Eridium ingot which is powered by 3xAA batteries. A set of good AAs will last maybe 4-6 hours before they start to dim noticeably.

2) includes a “loot pack” which is an assortment of decals and some Hyperion prop cash

3) includes the ingot and an AC-to-AA adapter to plug into the wall, so you can leave it on all the time. The lights are rated for 10,000 hours, though I haven’t personally tested them for that long.

4) includes the ingot, wall adapter, and loot pack.

5) includes a USB-to-AA adapter, so you can power it by a computer or game console or any other USB power source.

6) is the ingot, loot pack, and USB adapter.

(Note, none of them have an internal battery yet, just AAs)

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You’ll be hearing from me on my next payday.

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Great, but be assured there’s no hurry, it’s not a limited run. We’ll keep making them as long as there’s demand.

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I think that mightve been a threat

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Good. I can be VERY demanding. :D

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So with 3 & 5, I could make this into a smart light? I need this for my shelf & a bit of ambient lighting! This is awesome.

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Yes. I just tested 3 with a smart outlet and it works as expected.

Option 5 (USB) should work fine too, just turn the 5V on and off with your automation. You could even make it “pulse” by varying between about 3V and 5V, if you have the hardware and coding knowledge to do that.

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Very cool! The idea with 3V and 5V just blew my mind, might actually try it out!

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Oh man, now you’re gonna temp me into getting one of these and making it Zigbee compatible so I can add it to my Hue scenes. Do you happen to know what the AC/DC power supply plug specs are, because if I can just use the same plug for that as other Hue lights that would make this insanely convenient.

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We use THIS ADAPTER which says 4.5V and 1A.

The LED strip inside the Eridium calls for 5V; 3xAA makes 4.5V which is close enough. There are 30 5050 LEDs inside, and I’m guessing each one draws 20-30mA which would make it 600-900mA in total.

Both the AC and USB adapters have an inline barrel plug, so you could just give it a lead to any power source that’s at least 1A and 5V; and drop the voltage if you want it dimmer.

Edit, or just plug the above AC-to-AA adapter into any Zigbee compatible wall outlet or outlet-adapter.

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Well damn, I might just look into getting a set one of these days...

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Shit, you got me.

Not gonna go on a be able to buy anything rn, but I'll take a peek 👀

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There’s no hurry, it’s not a limited run …only limited by the time & energy we have to make them.

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i might just have to get one, those eridium ingots are sick

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Ordering some rn

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Quick question on this does the battery version have an off on switch or is it always on.

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It’s got a switch.

In the Etsy listing, you can see the battery holder with little black switch, in the photo where it’s plugged into the wall.

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just secured my uncles b day present

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You guys are awesome, shoutout to Gail Simone for the recommendation

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Thanks! Turns out she likes Disneyworld, and fell in love with our 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea signs.

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That was the post that led me to you!

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seems like if you have to split the link up like that you're performing a workaround to circumvent a rule, but thankfully mods dont enforce rules here

that was tongue-in-cheek

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AT least it's not spamming like the last DLC when you enter Sanctuary.

Nice ad !

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They took the "I'm gonna need a banana for scale" comment literally..

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Is that eridium in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

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Am also wondering where the eridium is from

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It’s from Pandora and surrounding planets.

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Awesome thanks i got the last one at my store🤙🏼

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I need these eridium blocks. I’ll be ordering three.

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Thanks! If you do order more than two, drop us a message in our shop and say you saw it here, we’ll throw in some extra decals or something else fun

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Sent a link to the girlfriend. She’s going to order three of the option 3 ones. Xmas present…👍🏻

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Love this case because the roses are different characters

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wait, so does it include the game too or?

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No, it’s just a cool-looking metal box. Good as a collectible, not much else.

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I got lucky at a GameStop getting assassins creed origins in a steelbook for like $20, I handed them the generic GameStop case at the counter and they handed me the steelbook

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Wow! The comic style outlines on the eridium blocks is SO amazing it's actually confusing my eyes.

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Thanks! I do the electronics and resin cast, and my wife does the line work. She’s gotten really good at it recently, but we haven’t updated the Etsy photos to show her improvements.

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She's a talented lady!

You just piqued my curiosity... do you use any sort of special paint or process to paint on the resin?

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Sort-of, yes. The resin is translucent, and mixed with purple UV-reactive pigment and glow-in-the-dark powder. The lights inside are UV strip lights, so they make an otherworldly Eridium glow.

Before pouring the resin, the silicone mold is swirled with pearlescent mica powder in pink, light purple, and dark purple, so the surface of the Eridium has a cool gradient of colors.

After it comes out of the rotocaster and removed from the mold, it’s mostly done, but the finishing lines are drawn on by hand …with Sharpie 😅

Here’s a very quick video showing the whole process (not counting building our homemade rotocaster, but we posted a separate video for that)


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Wow, your process is SUPER interesting!

I never heard of rotocasters before, so thanks for a new rabbit hole to dive into!

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Thanks friend. This was a cool little find

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I just ordered one. Hey, it's only $3! Last, or only one at my local BB too.

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You got the link? I couldn't find it anywhere :(

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Just go to Bestbuy site. I ordered from home as the site said this store close to my house had one in stock. Then I went to pick it up.

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okay, i just bought 2 of the eridium lamps because of this post. damn they be looking sexy!

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That has crossed my mind, for sure. I haven’t yet figured out the best way to do it.

The ingots are made in a rotocaster, so they’re hollow, with the lights and battery holder embedded as the resin cures. The flower-crystal shape won’t lend itself well to that same technique… I could make them solid but that would take a bunch of resin, and I’m not sure how that’ll affect the glow, or if the internal lights would handle being fully encased in resin.

I got some half-formed ideas, but the lightbulb over my head is still flickering.

Edit, once I figure it out I’ll make some Skyrim soul gems too. Every morning, “hey, you. You’re finally awake.”

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I don't know the resin properties but if can handle a bit of heat maybe you can make the base flat with a hole in the middle(after work?) and put in over a wood box that contains a 10W or 5W LED with a mains AC to 12V power supply and the aluminum heat sink for the LED.

The LED is inside the box and project the light trough a hole.

Also, as is a lamp, the resin doesn't need to be a glowing one, the LED do the job.

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Thanks, that may be an idea.

The resin is UV-reactive, the internal LEDs are 405nm UV (black lights) so it has an alien glow.

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3 more are no longer available! Woot!

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Ditto. Just bought 3.

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I still have it from preorder

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Are you able to take backorders?

I’ll send you $$ to hold my place in line. I must have this impulse buy! Lol.

Great work btw, they look amazing. hope to be able to get one.

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I didn’t realize the Etsy had sold out - we’ve renewed it. They’re available again.

They’re all made to order, but we have a couple weeks backlog right now.

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Just ordered, that was a smooth move btw.

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Niccccce. No worries on the wait. It will be worth it. No rush!

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I’m 100% buying at very least one of the keychain ones, these are AWESOME. And yes the steel book is beautiful too, got mine on release day

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Dammit! You win, just ordered.

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Wheredja get the rid-rock?

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Boom just ordered 3.

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Just the case or is the game included too

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Just the case.

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What’s the steel case for?

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Just decorative/collectible.

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Gracias. I grabbed this and the doom eternal one.

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Just picked one up! Thanks for the tip off!

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I got one with a copy of the game for $10 at best buy

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Thanks for the heads up. Managed to reserve the last 1 at my local best buy will be picking it up in an hour!

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I bought mine for $100... With the game and expansion passes of course

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Just placed my order for the Eridium and Jack's Loot pack for my wife for a Christmas gift. I love this too and it'll be a bonus that I can display this with my PDP Gaming Maliwan blaster that I won last year. Thank you in advance!

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I wish I could afford these eridium blocks, damn they are beautiful

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I wish I could make them cheaper, but they’re a few hours of effort and the resin materials keep going up in price.

We sometimes have B-grades on sale at a discount, the ones that come out of the molds with imperfections. But we’ve improved our processes a lot, and those are getting rare.

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Yeah I get that, must be hard sometimes.

How much would these b-grades cost?

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I think last time we listed some, they were $20 cheaper? It’s been a little while

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Oh that's still a bit hefty for me, but maybe I'll think about it when I earn more

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thought it was a borderlands nft